Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mouse Traps and Peanut Butter

Monday night I am sitting in class and I receive a text from the hubby that says "do we have peanut butter?"

I knew why he was looking for peanut butter so I text back "No."

We right now have a bit of a mouse problem. The house was sitting empty for over a year and is surrounded by a lot of land, so naturally, the mice found a nice quiet home this past year. Before you completely gross out, it's not that bad. We haven't actually even seen one, just it's droppings left over the house. At first I did freak out, but after talking to a few people, it seems everyone will or has had this problem at some point in time.

The advice that has been given is to set traps with peanut butter and eventually you'll catch them or they will just go away. So when I received the text, I knew that is what the hubby was up to.

Yesterday I open the cabinet and see the jar of peanut butter that the hubby has bought for our little mouse friends. When I saw it I just laughed.

Hey, everyone is watching their weight these days...I guess he wanted to make sure the mouse did not get fat off the trap. Maybe it also has salmonella and we can really get rid of the skinny mice.

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Elizabeth said...

This is too funny. :)