Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back from the dead...

Believe it or not....I am alive! Sorry I have been a bad blogger lately....I haven't really had much time or inspiration honestly. These past two weeks have been filled with tons of school work and some type of event every night it seems. The sad part is, this is just the beginning. This is where my hate for the holidays comes in. We (like I'm sure everyone else) have something every weekend through New Years and at least one event during the week. Throw on top of that exams in the next few weeks and I am not doing well in Tort doesn't look as though it is going to be my specialty. So there is my complaining for the day...

What we've been up to the past few weeks (sorry it's a long one)...

Santa came early to my house this year! I will admit I love tv! I am a tv person and though most people really don't admit it, I will....I love watching tv! That being said, I have wanted a flat screen for the past few years. We have literaly looked at them and compared them hundreds of times. Last Christmas we decided that we were finally going to get one with our income tax return the following January. Unfortunately, we owed $1395 to Uncle Sam, so there went the new tv. But, I have been heavily hinting that I really wanted a new tv for Christmas. So I came home last Monday night to find this...

I was stoked. I have the best in-laws in the world! Seriously! They bought me a new tv for Christmas and even gave it to me early so I can watch all my Christmas movies. I don't know all the details of what it is and I'm sure all the ladies are like me and really don't care. All I know it's a Samsung 42" flat screen tv and it's the smaller version of what the in-laws have and it looks cool. D.W. whipped up his Bob Vila skills and made some modifications to our old entertainment center so the new tv will fit. It looks awesome! I will take pictures to post later.

We also went to celebrate Pope's 27th birthday last week at Dave & Busters. We had a blast with everyone and cannot wait to do it again. I didn't take any pictures but you can head to the Popes blog to view the pictures taken that night. There are some pretty funny ones especially the one of Pope's face after a shot...priceless!

After celebrating with the Popes, I got dropped off at the Fall Leadership Conference for school. I won't go on and on about it but, I did learn a few things....

1. I have a very low tolerance for people. People get on my nerves...especially stupid people. I don't consider myself a genius by any means, but people (especially young people) have no sense anymore. I'm scared to see our "future." People are getting dumb.

2. I can't deal with staying in a hotel room by myself for two nights. I didn't sleep any those two nights. I have gone off before without D.W., but I am always with family so it was never a big deal. Saturday night I cried and almost had a nervous breakdown because I hated it so much. My wonderful husband was so sweet and drove an hour up to wherever I was to take me to dinner even though he had to be up at 5am the next morning to drive the hour drive to Thomaston. He is the bestest!

And no, I didn't learn anything I didn't already know. So I had an awful time. I will not be roped into it again next year that is for sure.

Last Sunday night when I got home D.W. took me to see my movie...yes, I am a twilight addict! I couldn't wait to see the movie. I know I am one of the few people that liked the movie. Yes, the books are 100% better than the movie, but I didn't think the movie was as cheesy as everyone keeps saying it is. There are some cheesy parts and lines, but what do you's a vampire love story. I thought the movie was a good short recap of the book. If you haven't read the them now...they are seriously some of the best love story books I have read. But, I have a confession...we went and saw it again on Monday. First, it was the hubby's idea and secondly, when we went on Sunday we sat in front of two 15 year olds that talked the ENTIRE movie. I even at one point turned around and told her the shut up. She was quiet for about five minutes and then started whispering which turned into loud talking again. So, we decided to go back and see it again and we loved it the second time around. D.W. even liked it so much he is reading the books now...I don't think I'm supposed to tell anyone though.

In other movie reviews, I went and saw Four Christmases with the girls from work Wednesday night....Hilarious! I will warn you that it is pretty vulgar in some parts so I wouldn't take anyone under the age 16 or even 18 (several families got up and left with their kids), it is hilarious though. And no, they don't even show the funniest parts on the previews, those are the tame parts. Defiantly an adult comedy, but a great laugh.

Our Thanksgiving was okay...for some reason it didn't feel like Thanksgiving. D.W. had to work of course so I just hung out around the house in the morning. That afternoon we went to my aunt and uncles and had dinner with about 15 people we didn't know. We ate and then headed out to my grandparents. We had a very small group, but we had a great time. It was just D.W. and I and my cousin Andy and his wife and two babies. D.W. and I got some great parenting time in. D.W. played with Drew who is three. Drew is all boy and D.W. had a blast with him. He's decided he wants one that age. He was scared of the baby. The baby Wesley, was only five weeks old and the cutest baby I have seen. I hate that I don't have any pictures. I forgot my camera at home. I held, feed, and played with him the whole time. Thank you Leslie for allowing me to play mommy for the night and giving me some advice and tips for when I have my own. I have decided that my cousin Andy's wife Leslie is my new favorite person on that side of the family. She is super sweet and at the same time honest. She's great. I wish they lived closer to us.

In other news...D.W. and I have decided it is time for us to move out of the parents house. Yes, we've only been here for six months and no we haven't accomplished what we wanted, but if we don't move, then our marriage may not survive. I won't go into much detail, but we've been having a very tough time. We are fighting constantly and always at each others throats and that is not like us. We decided Wednesday that we had to move. We talked with the parents and they completely understand. In fact, they are ready for all four of us to be out (they haven't lived alone in over 28 years). We are most likely going to stay through Christmas, but we are going to start looking for a house to rent in the Griffin area. We already have a few prospects in our favorite neighborhood, but we are going to start looking more heavily in December. We are hoping to be out in the first few weeks of January. When we originally moved in we wanted to save up and buy a house, but a few weeks ago we decided that right now is not right time for us to buy a house. D.W. has decided that he doesn't want to settle until he gets promoted to a division manager which is the next step. They have already told him that to get a division in the next two years there is a 90% chance that we will have to move. All the division managers around here a filled and no one is leaving anytime soon. All of them have been there a minimum of 15 years and are not willing to relocate. So that means we will have to. We are fine with moving and decided that we didn't want a house to tie us down. So, we had decided months ago that we were not going to buy a house after we moved from here. So keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that we make it this next month and we find a house to rent that works for us.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me...

It wasn't me who lied to my teacher last week and told him that I had a family function this coming Friday night and that I was going to have to miss the first night of the fall leadership conference due to that family function. I wasn't me who would lie to my teacher just so I could go celebrate Popes birthday with everyone.

It wasn't me who procrastinated on homework for my online class all week. It wasn't me who decided to not finish one of my case briefings so I could go shopping on Saturday with Momma Mabrey and Aunt Gina. It wasn't me who still as of this moment have not even done the case brief to turn in.

It wasn't me who after church on Sunday came home and watched White Christmas with Momma Mabrey. It also wasn't us, who after watching White Christmas, decided that we so could have lived in the 1950's because we loved the clothes, the music and the respect that women received back then (men acted like gentlemen towards women). It also wasn't us who decided that we didn't particularly care for the women's movement and would have been completely happy at home in our aprons waiting for our husbands to come home. Just being honest!

It also wasn't me who after watching White Christmas then sit on the couch for the next four hours and watch a PBS marathon of a documentary on the Royal Family with Momma Mabrey. It also wasn't us who decided that we just couldn't live the royal life. We would just stick with our 1950's housewife dreams.

It wasn't me who told the hubby that I was kinda disappointed that we hadn't gotten our Christmas gift already from momma and daddy Mabrey. It also wasn't me who got completely embarrassed when at dinner Saturday night he pronounced to them that I wanted my Christmas gift now so I could watch my Christmas shows. It wasn't me who wanted to kill my hubby at that moment and then honestly could not look at them because I was so embarrassed. It wasn't me who learned next time to keep her mouth shut!

It wasn't me who decided to not go to class last Monday night so I could finish decorating my Christmas tree. It wasn't me who decided to put up her Christmas tree last week!

Can we say addiction...

Saturday night we decide to go look at televisions....again. We travel up to Brandsmart to look at their hundreds of televisions. If you have never been to a Brandsmart, it's a huge place that sells mainly electronics and anything that has an electric cord on it. The good thing is they have a huge selection so you can compare easily, the bad thing, their sales people will drive you crazy.

Anyways, David and his dad go to look at the televisions. They have decided they are buying us one for Christmas (yes, we're just spoiled) but, yeah for us! So, Vicki (my MIL) and I head over to the kitchen supplies so we can look for a gift for someone else. We are standing there walking around and we come up to the coffee pots. This is the conversation that followed....

Me: How cute its a mini coffee maker (I love anything in mini-form)!

Vicki: You know, I have seriously been thinking about getting a coffee maker like that and putting it in my bathroom, that way I could have coffee first thing in the morning.

Me: (looking at her like shes crazy) That's called addiction.

Vicki: No....

Me: Yes, pretty sure, that's called addiction.

Vicki: Well, it could be worse things...

What? No, that's called addiction. No, she didn't get a coffeemaker (that night) for her bathroom and of course I had to run to the tv section and tell everyone what she said. Of course they all agreed with me....

It's called addiction!

Lesson for the day...if you have to put a coffee maker in your bathroom so you will be closer to the coffee first thing in the morning....your addicted!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nine Years....

Today is a special day for us...nine years ago today, we became "official." I'm not sure what that exactly means, I guess that was the day we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. I honestly don't remember what happened that day for us to decide we were official, I just know that it's the day we've always celebrated as our anniversary.

Wow, nine years. It's crazy to think he has been in my life for over a decade. We met twelve years ago in ninth grade homeroom. Every year, we had at least one if not two classes together, not counting homeroom, so we were pretty good friends before we started dating. The funny thing was that the three months of school, before we started dating, I tried endlessly to get him and my best friend at the time to go out on a date. Luck for me, it never worked out.
When most people ask me how long we've been married, I always say "we've been together for nine years." I always say that because to us, that is much more of an accomplishment. We were married long before we were given that piece of paper. Plus, we are very proud of the fact that in nine years, we have never broken up or given up. Yes, it was contemplated a time or two, but somehow we always knew we were better off together.

I love the fact that I have watched this boy grow into a man that I am extremely proud of. Through nine years, he has seen me at my best and my absolute worst and of course the same goes for him. I can truly say that he is my best friend. I love him because he is my biggest cheerleader and my biggest critic. He always puts my well being in front of his. Though I may get pushed aside on a day to day basis, he always does have me first. I complain about his job and how he is not always home, but deep down I know he is doing it all for me. He does it so I can stay home and go to school. He does it so I can pursue my dreams.

No offense to anyone, but you think you love someone after a year or two, I thought the same thing...wait until after nine years...when I think about how much I love him, it brings me to tears. And unless, you've been together for years, then I'm sorry, you don't understand it only comes with time. I don't say this to offend anyone, I say this for you to have something to look forward to in your own lives...nine years from now, you will completely agree with me. I honestly love this man more and more everyday. Some days, it feels as though my heart is going to burst that I love him so much and I know the only other people I will ever feel this way about is our children.

So, here's to nine years... I know you'll read this and I just want to say thank you. Thank you for all the love you have given me. Thank you for all you do for me and our little family. Thank you for always supporting me in whatever adventure I am scheming. Thank you for always being honest with me, whether I want to hear it or not. Thank you for always holding my hand when we fight and refusing to never let go. Thank you for always being you and loving me for me. Thank you for refusing to go out with Rachel our senior year, who knows where we would be now. Thank you for growing up with me these past nine years. They haven't always been fun, but somehow we've always come out laughing. I know that God made you for me. I love you with ALL my heart and soul. No one will ever understand how I feel for you and what you mean to me. I can't wait to spend forever with you.

I love you forever Vidda!

When God Made You
Its always been a mystery to me
How two hearts can come together
And love can last for ever
But now that I have found you I believe
That A miracle has come
When god sends the perfect one...
Now gone are all my questions about why
And Ive never been so sure of anything
In my life...
Oh I wonder what God
Was thinking
When he created you
I wonder if he
Knew everything I would need
Because he made all my dreams come true
When God made You
He must have been thinking about me
I promise that wherever you may go
Where ever life may lead you
With all my heart Ill be their too
And from this moment on
I want you to know
Ill let nothing come between us
And I will even love you more...
Now gone are all my questions about why
And Ive never been so sure of anything
In my life
Oh I wonder what God was thinking
When he created you
I wounder if he
Knew everything I would need
Because he made all my dreams come true
When God made You
He must have been thinking about me
He made the sun
he made the moon
To harmonize a perfect tune
One cant move without the other
They just have to be together
And that is why i know its true
Your for me
And im for you
Because my world just cant be right
With out you in my life
Oh I wonder what God was thinking
When he created you
I wonder if he knew everything i would need
Because he made all my dreams come true
When God made you
He must have been thinking about me...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Name Change...

I am wanting a new name for my blog. I have never really liked Moments with the Mabreys. I need something else. So, I need help. Send me some ideas of something cuter. And please don't send me comments saying that its cute and shouldn't cahnge it. I want to change it so if you stumble upon here one day and it's got a different name, don't be alarmed. So, help me out!

Date Night

The hubby and I don't fight too often. Now we argue all the time (there is a difference), but we don't get into the knock down drag outs too often. Unfortunately, last Thursday we had a biggie. Don't get me wrong...I am extremely grateful for all that he does for me. I tell him thank you on a regular basis for allowing me to pursue my dreams of being a professional student and a housewife. I understand that he has a very demanding job. I understand that it is a 24/7 job. I understand that many others depend on him everyday. But, I get placed last on his priority list 95% of the time. Now, I'm not claiming to be the perfect wife, I'm far from it. I know many times I don't always put him first. But, after awhile of being put last day after gets old. So, I'm not going to give all the details of the fight. It's between the two of us. The nice part for me though, is that the hubby knows this and admits to it. He is going to start working on it.

Our solution to this has been to establish the date night once again. We have tried this in the past, but when it was just us in the house it was kinda hard to keep up. So, I came up with a grand new plan. Starting this week, every Tuesday night is date night for us. Weird night I know, but it works for us. But each week, it is the assigned person's responsibility to pick where we eat and what we do. Each will be responsible for two dates a month. Easy enough, right?

Being the nice wife I am, I decided that this being the first week, he gets to decide date night. That way, he can start to redeem his self for putting me last constantly and that way I have two weeks before I have to decide. So, last week we laid down the ground rules for the game. I won't bore you with the details. But, one of them was that we are really going to stick with this. Make it a habit now before we have kids because I know it will only be harder after kids come into the picture.

Guess what? The hubby just called me (in class) to see if we can reschedule date night till tomorrow. Insert eye roll here. And we're off to a great start!

I didn't want y'all to think that he didn't come through...we did end up going out on Tuesday Night. We went to look at my house (I'm not sure if its still for sale), some Mexican, and we went and saw Role Models. Not bad picking for his first date night. So, he's not in the doghouse.

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Monday!

It's Monday so you know what that means...

It wasn't me who went to my new favorite store last Saturday and spent a ridiculous amount of money and then as soon as the husband called talk in my sweet pitiful voice justifying each purchase I made, because I was afraid he would freak if he saw the online bank statement before I got home. In my defense, they were having an awesome sale and majority of my purchases were Christmas gifts.

It wasn't me who made a 94 on my Family Law test and then the next day proceed to make a 43 on my Tort Law test. It was embarrassing especially since I have the same teacher for both classes. He just looked at me and asked wtf?

It wasn't me who ran out and bought the Shrek the Halls DVD and then make the hubby and in laws watch it with me Saturday night even though it was only the eighth of November. Hey, they were laughing pretty hard during it.

It wasn't me who called and told my aunt that we wouldn't be able to make it to my cousins birthday dinner at the scheduled time and that we would just have to meet them for cake and ice cream. It wasn't me who called and said that because I really didn't feel like going to eat with the family and I really didn't want to eat where they were going. I wouldn't have done that when technically, we could have made it and only been a few minutes late, but I didn't tell the hubby to take his time in getting ready. I did though get a delicious dinner where I wanted to eat and some much needed time with the hubby.

It was not me who went to work for the first time in two weeks last Friday and proceed to do absolutely nothing because our boss was not there. It was not me who sat there and talked to Aubs the entire day instead of working on the task assigned to us (we hadn't seen each other in two weeks, we had alot to catch up on). It was not me who left Aubs with having to face our boss this morning with the news that we did not do what we were suppossed to (like thats never happened before) and leave her to have to finish the task. I would never do that because I'm an excellent employee...not!

It wasn't me who cried when the husband looked at me and told me that "for the first time financially, I didn't need to work." It wasn't me who cried because it has been something that I've been waiting to hear for years. It wasn't me who cried because for the first time since we've been out on our own, it has finally felt like we are getting ahead. It wasn't me who cried because that meant, we could finally have a baby and feel secure about it. I wasn't me who cried because I felt like my prayers were finally being answered.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've found it...

I have been looking at this house since July. Months later it is still for sell. I have decided that it is going to be the next house we live in. Here's a look at it...

The Mabrey's Future Home...

Rocking chairs on the front porch

Living Room
I think I would go with a lighter color of course, entertainment center against the wall, two couches facing each other (I always loved that) and a little desk and lamp in the far corner.

I'm picturing a chocolate brown for the walls, our dinning table in the middle, buffet against the wall with a big mirror over it, china cabinet in the corner you can't see, and my two red chairs in each corner. I can so see Christmas Eve dinner here...

I'm seeing the wallpaper coming down, the walls painted red, a brownish color granite counter tops, and stainless steel appliances. It even has a pantry!

Red walls of course and my new round table from the folks in VA would be perfect for this spot and my black hutch next to the window on the right.

Of course, a master bath with a tub I can soak in

So there are a few pictures. I seriously check once a week to see if it is still on here. It's in Griffin in the neighborhood that we love, which is filled with mostly older homes and lots of trees. The first time I looked at it I knew it would be perfect for us and somewhere we could stay awhile and it is in our price range! I'm not even going to tell you because you may run out and steal it from me. If it does happen to sell before I can get to it, you will hear me cry. I am in love!

I'm one of those people...

So hate me if you must, but I'm one of those people....those who want to start celebrating Christmas the day after Halloween. I love the fact that the stores playing Christmas music already or the Christmas decor to be displayed in the stores. I love it and the longer, the better.

First, in my defense, I'm not much of a Halloween person. Never really have been. Anyways, Halloween isn't what it used to be like when I was a kid. No one trick or treats anymore. Everyone goes to the trunk or treats and I think it takes all the fun out of Halloween. Maybe if I had kids I would feel different, but I can't promise my feelings will change.

Anyways, it is not so much the actual Christmas day that I love as it is the Christmas season. I love the decorations, the music, the get togethers with family and friends, the movies and tv specials, and the fact in general, most everyone is in a better mood this time of year. I love the lights and the cozy nights that seem to come with the season. I love the nights spent driving around looking at Christmas lights. I love how everyone's home looks more like a home with the tree and decorations all around the house. Think about it, doesn't your house seem empty for about a week when you take it all down?

But, that's why I don't see what the problem is with starting to celebrate the season after Halloween. In my eyes, it means two months of the season instead of one. Don't think I am forgetting about Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, especially the food. Thanksgiving for me is like a trial run for the Christmas. I know that I am not the only one in this boat. One of my best friends has already put up her tree. She does it every year after Halloween. Plus, we both sent each other text when we heard Christmas music on the radio this past Friday night. I won't lie, I have debated putting up my tree next weekend...I will be out of town the weekend before and after Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving comes late this year....that's my argument atleast.

So, I say...Let the Christmas Season Begin!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Official...

So, we found out on Sunday but we were not allowed to tell anyone till yesterday...David was officially promoted to a District Manager! He was checked into his three stores Monday. He is very relived after three months of running something that he wasn't even being paid for. Which we are blessed in the fact that they have decided to pay him retroactive pay for his last three months of hard work. So tiny Tim, there might be hope for a Christmas after all!

He is still in the Griffin/Thomaston area. We would rather him stay there awhile so we could start looking towards maybe renting something down there. Especially since I go to school down there. But, they have told him not to get to comfortable and not to move. So, that sucks. I am ready to settle down somewhere and preferably not Henry County. But time will tell. That also meant good news for the FIL. He was checked into a store yesterday. So, for right night everyone is happy.

Day 3 &4 in Pigeon Forge

Sorry it's taken me a couple of days, I have had a lot of school work that I have been catching up on.

Day3: Cades Coves & The Variety Show

We started off our morning taking a trip to Cades Cove. In all the times the in-laws have been to Pigeon Forge/Gatleinburg area, they had never been to Cades Cove. So we decided it was time to take them. Cades Cove really is a beautiful place. It is hard to imagine being that disconnected from the rest of the world. If you have never been there...Cades Cove is apart of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. It is a community that formed in the early 1800's in a valley that is surrounded by the Smokey Mountains. I believe that Cades Cove is a few thousand acres and a few hundred families had lived there for over a hundred years. It has several of the original houses that these families lived in. It is amazing to see how people lived. Here are a few pics...

Can you imagine this being your driveway?
There is a house up there

The surrounding mountains
Notice the orb...I'm pretty sure its a ghost.
David said I've been watching too many ghost shows on the Travel Channel.

There were actually three big bucks standing there but we could only get a picture of one.

More deer...

We in the Mabrey Household thought we had it bad...
12 Children & 2 Adults in this 1 room house

I liked this one! It had a kitchen off the back

Hubby & I

Even though it is a beautiful place Cades Cove does come with its downfalls. Biggest problem being that it is FREE so it attracts tons of people staying in the Pigeon Forge/Gatleinburg area. This witch causes major traffic and backup at the cove. We headed out there on a Thursday morning with no snacks. Our 11 mile journey ended up lasting from 10 am and wasn't over until 2pm. Needless to say, I was cranky and hungry. That seems to happen when my blood sugar drops. And to the stupid red truck who had to stop every 60 seconds to take a stupid picture. You had 30 cars behind you and it was lunch time. It would have been polite for you to pull to the side and let all the hungry people go by. And to the stupid park ranger who got on to me for stopping traffic to take a picture of the deer, where were you when the stupid red truck stopped up the traffic in the whole entire place? I don't recall you telling him he needed to "move on."

Unfortunately we didn't get to see any bears while on our tour of Cades Cove, but we did get to see some at the Black Bear Jamboree...

I know your probably thinking WTF? And yes, it was as hokey as it sounds, but it was VERY entertaining. Our group decided on the Black Bear Jamboree due to the fact it offered a little bit of everything, oldies, country, christian, Hollywood, patriotic, and some comedy. I have to be honest...I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. It was hilarious and the singers were really good. The story line of the show was a like dorky, but they pulled it off well. Plus, the food was really good. I am already planning on going back because want to go back to see the Christmas show. If you want to have dinner and a show I would highly recommend it.

Day 4: Horseback Riding & the Best Dinner Ever!
Sorry I will go ahead and apologize but I don't really have any pictures of us horseback riding. I did buy the souvenir photos, but I currently cannot find the cord that plugs the scanner into the wall. We went to the Ponderosa Ranch and had a great time. Our guide David was super nice and gave me some great advice for my future horses. The place had a ton of horses (84 to be exact) and they all were very healthy looking. People must buy a lot of those souvenir photos. I rode a horse named Dakota who was extremely pretty and very sweet. David got to ride a horse named Mountain Dew. It was said that anytime you put a mountain dew near him, he drinks it up like crazy. It was pretty fitting since Mountain dew is the ONLY soft drink that David will drink.

That night we went to eat at the Old Mill. THIS IS THE BEST RESTAURANT IN PIGEON FORGE HANDS DOWN!!! The place specializes in southern food and they give humongous portions. Every meal comes with an entree, corn chowder (very good), a salad, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and your choice of desert. Seriously you get all that for no more than about $16.99. As I said in an earlier post, I ordered the turkey and dressing. It was amazing. It tasted just like my Grandma's. I ate mostly the dressing and took most of the turkey home to the dogs. You must eat here if you go. If you go at lunch, it is only $10 we didn't know this until we got there. Plus a tip...when they have a busy night and a long wait, they give you the option of setting with another family so you can get in faster. We chose this option and sat with a nice family from Indiana. It was nice for a change of conversation plus we got seated in about 15 minutes opposed to an hour. I recommend this place if anyone goes there. It was every one's favorite meal the whole week.

We headed home on Saturday. We had a great time. We seriously were already planning our next trip back. The trip home was not as eventful as the trip up there thank God! We did a little shopping before we left and made it home by six. Which was good because I had a ton of homework that had to be turned in that night by midnight. Here is a picture of the trip home...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday...

It's that time again...

It wasn't me who ate entirely too much while on vacation. It also wasn't me who talked everyone into eating only at the restaurants that I wanted to eat at while in Pigeon Forge.
But hey...I didn't hear anyone complaining.

It wasn't me who was jealous of the girl who was my age and her baby who sat next to me at the family style restaurant. Yes, her baby was extremely cute and had the best personality of any six month old I've ever seen, but still, she had something I wanted and it seems the more I want one, the more everyone else has one and the more everyone keeps coming up pregnant. I was nice though and talked to her even though she keep rubbing that baby in my face. It was almost as though she knew I wanted one.

It wasn't me who ordered the $16.99 turkey and dressing dinner at the best restaurant in Pigeon Forge and then proceed to eat only two bites of turkey, two of the mashed potatoes, and the entire plate of dressing. That's just wasteful. I also didn't proceed to take the turkey I didn't eat home and give it to the dogs. More than likely the dressing was just stovetop stuffing, but it was good.

It wasn't me who pitched a fit for my hubby to buy the souvenir photos that the horseback riding place offered of us horseback riding. I wasn't me who felt bad as the lady started to give me her spill about how the money from the pictures goes towards the horses shots and medical bills. It's not me who is a sucker for horses (or dogs). So, it wasn't I who paid $22 for two photos that weren't really that good just because I fell for the saleslady sad story pitch and wanted to make sure my horse "Dakota" got his shots next year.

It wasn't me who got up with the husband on Sunday morning and drove thirty minutes to the nearest krispy kreme. That is just sad.

It wasn't me who accidentally broke an ornament at the Christmas Shop in Pigeon Forge and then proceed to hide it on the shelf were it couldn't be seen and then run away from the scene of the crime. I do feel bad, but it wasn't even that cute and $8.99. No one should have to pay $8.99 for an worm ornament even if it wasn't broke. Plus, there were no signs that said "you beak, you buy."

And that is what I didn't do this past week.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 1 & 2 in Pigeon Forge

To keep from making the post too long, I'm going to make a few posts.

Day 1: Getting There...
Well, luckily day 1 of the trip was the worst and it only got better from there. I had a test in Family Law Tuesday morning, so the plan was to head out as soon as I got home from school which would be around 1pm. I got done with my test around 11am so I was home and we were on the road by 12pm.

Mistake number one was that we printed directions off of mapquest. Do not ever do this, your better off just winging it. The ride was good until we got around Cherokee NC., then the directions became a little misleading because it didn't tell you to turn when you should. So instead of turning onto 441, we stayed on 19 which takes you the long way around to Pigeon Forge. After about 30 minutes of driving and discussing how none of this looked formilar, we finally stopped and asked where the hell we were. The guy was nice and told us how to get there from where we were. Surprisingly, the "pass" (the shortcut through the Great Smokey Mountain National Park to Gatlienburg) was closed due to snow, yes snow, and so we ended up in the right direction without even knowing it. They were just as surprised as we were that they already had snow. A few people said it was the first time since anyone could remember that they had snow before Halloween. I took pictures because I knew y'all wouldn't believe me...

So, we continued on our merry way until we stopped at the next rest area. The attendant kindly gave us directions when we asked and a nice little map with directions highlighted. We drive along this road for about a good thirty minutes and then David has to open his big mouth and say "two more bends and it's gonna turn into dirt." He was wrong...three turns later the road turned into dirt. The problem with the road turning into dirt was A. we were pulling a trailer with two motorcycles on it, B. it was on a mountain with a ton of curves and a steep side with no guard rail (yes, I know that these won't save you if you go plunging off the mountain, but it still makes me feel better). and C. it was a very narrow way. To put it nicely, the three passengers started to get nauseated and we had to ride with the windows down in 30 degree weather. We proceeded to drive down the dirt road (there was no way to turn around) for the next hour. Finally, we ended up at a crossroad with a sign in the direction we were supposed to go saying closed due to snow. So all that for nothing. We took a left and ended up two exits down from the rest stop we originally go the directions. Basically, we made a huge circle.

So, once we took the route I originally said to take, we made it to Pigeon Forge in about forty-five minutes. I won't say "I told you so." Luckily, when we pulled up we were welcomed to this...

A very cute little cabin. It was perfect fit for the four of us and two dogs. They allow you to bring your dogs because "dogs need vacations too." It was decorated cute, had a hot tub and jacuzzi, and a pool table. We enjoyed it immensely. After we arrived and dropped our stuff off at the cabin, we headed out to dinner. It was late so we headed to Bennett's BBQ. The bbq was alright, but the fried dill pickles were to die for. Sorry to my Nashville crowd, but their pickles were better than Toot's and are now my favorite. So, that was a end to day one. Our four hour trip turned into eight, but we finally made it.

Day 2: Amber's Dream Comes True...
Day two consisted of a dream coming true for me. I finally made it to Dollywood. Yes, it was something to check off of my to do list before I died. Laugh all you want. I love Dolly Parton. I've watched several shows about her and love her. Behind the big hair and big boobs, she is seriously one of the most generous people around today. She is compeletely honest and real about herself and her life and I really do respect her for that. Ok you can all laugh, but I am serious.

So, everyone agreed to take me to Dollywood and I LOVED IT! It truely is the most cleanest, friendliest, family oriented amusement park around. I would recomend everyone to go. It doesn't have a ton of the most thrilling rides, but it does have tons to do. The park is set up in several different towns. They were all decorated cutely and extremely real like. The park has obviously put a lot of time into it. Here are a few pictures from the day at the park...

We had a great day at Dollywood. The only problem was that the over sixty crowd loves Dollywood. We went on a Wednesday, even though the high was only in the forties, and evidently the sixty and over tour groups like to attend on that day. Needless to say there was not a wait for the rides. We rode in front on all of them and did not stand in one line. But, we could not get in to see the shows. The shows were packed. That is the only reason they go. And watch out for the rascals. I have not seen so many anywhere in my life before and you better watch out they will cut in front of you, take you out, and not look back. My ankles were clipped several times. Seriously, there were only about 50 people under the age of 50 there. Other than the old people problem running over us in their rascals, we had a blast. I cannot wait to go again.

Of course the highlight of my day....I had my picture taken with Mrs. Dolly!!!

Okay, not really. It was really just a cut out at the place we bought our discounted tickets. But I couldn't go to Dollywood and not get a picture with Dolly. It's not the best picture of me due to the fact we were all laughing so hard. The people in the office thought I was crazy!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We're Back!

We just got back into town today. We spent five days in Pigeon Forge, TN. and had a blast. I got tons of pictures. I will post as soon as I get done catching up on my school work.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!