Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Most Awesome Day!

This week started off with some bad news....we owe Uncle Sam again this year. This just plain sucks. We owed last year and sadly owe even more this year. So instead of saving Baby money right now, we are now saving Tax money. Basically the problem is we have no deductions, no house or no kids....luckily that is going to change next year since we're planning on getting both. We now have a new nickname for the baby, David has started calling it "daddy's tax deduction."

Fortunately, we have headed into the end of the week with nothing but good news. We went to our first doctors appointment and had all good news. The doctor confirmed that we are 10 weeks and 4 days. She also confirmed the due date to be September 21, 2009. She said everything looked great, my blood pressure was good, my weight was good, and the size of the baby was right were it should be. She is going to send me to a prenatal specialist to have the genetic testing to be done within the next few weeks. To our surprise she is more concerned with David's family medical history than mine and that is why she wants to perform the test. Due to the fact that my brother has spina bifida, she did up my folic acid and I'm now on prescription folic acid. But like I said she seemed more concerned with David's family than the spina bifida. So far though she said she was very pleased with how we are coming along.

Of course, the best part was the ultrasound. We weren't sure if we would get to have one because we had heard different things. But once she confirmed we were 10 weeks, she wanted to go ahead and have one. We went in laid down and the tech informed us she would look at the baby and then turn the screen to show us. I think that was one of the best moments in my life. The moment she turned the screen...I lost it. On the screen was a perfect picture of our baby. We got to see it all, arms and legs. That was the moment that it hit me and made it official for me...a perfect picture of our baby. I took three pregnancy test, but it's was still hard for me to believe because you can not feel anything. Other than being sick, I haven't felt any different. The tech then let us hear the heartbeat and it was loud and strong. Hearing the heartbeat was David's favorite part and his "real moment." They said they were happy because the baby's heartbeat was strong. They like to keep there patients on a certain schedule, so I will go back in two weeks. We won't have a ultrasound, but we will get to hear the heartbeat again. But to some up the was an AWESOME day! I will try to get the ultrasound pictures posted in the next few days. I don't want to post them till after the grandparents get to see them.

To make the week even better, I am heading up to Nashville & Louisville to visit my family up there. I am excited to get to see them all. I will have pictures to post when I get back. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Elizabeth said...

I am so happy for you and David!! :) That had to be such an amazing experience!!! Can't wait to see you this weekend!! Love you tons!