Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Bedding

Of course I started looking at stuff for the nursery months ago, but it was kinda hard to pin point what I liked since we did not yet know what we were having.

I finally narrowed it down to a few different bedding sets, but I keep coming back to a certain one. I think I have made up my mind and have my heart set on this bedding set.

It's pretty girlie and looks like an Olivia's room to me. Pink, white, brown and has little birdies on it which I'm really into right now. I didn't want something totally babyish even thought it's a baby's room. Luckily, it's available at a few different stores online. I've started cleaning out her room, but I plan on not starting to decorate the nursery till we get back from vacation in June. I definitely post pics when I get it done.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Since I've been pregnant, I've been freaking out over whether or not I'm eating farm raised salmon or wild salmon and freaking out about how much caffeine I've been drinking.

Since one of David's employees found out she was pregnant, she has been freaking out over whether or not she should stick with her Marlboro's or switch to Marlboro lights.

I kid you not people. Last night I watched her myself light one up and proceed to puff it.

Of course, it really bothered me and I couldn't drop the subject all night. David just says I would be amazed.

It's 2009 people, seriously we all know better by now.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

Regardless of what the bottle might say...spray-0n sunscreen is not hands free. When you use spray-on sunscreen, you still have to rub it in.

For the record...I did not apply his sunscreen, his momma did it.

Too funny.

Monday, April 27, 2009

19 weeks

Several people have asked for belly pictures and I am finally breaking down and posting a few. I don't have many pictures of myself because I hate taking pictures. I did have David take a few on Saturday before we left for dinner.

As you can see, I fit the old wives tales of sitting high for a baby girl. I am all belly. I'm almost half way there and I've only gained 11lbs so far. Evidently it's all in my belly and boobs.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


You won't believe me when I tell you this...I, yes I, accidentally threw away Olivia Kate's ultrasound pictures from Wednesday.

I am so mad at myself right now. I realized last night that I hadn't seen the pictures since we were in the car leaving the appointment on Wednesday. I just assumed that they fell in between the seat and the middle console in the car. This morning I went out to look for them and they were not there. I came inside and looked in a few places they might have been, but had no luck. It then hit me that maybe I threw them in one of the shopping bags I had. Problem is I had already threw the bags in the trash and David took the trash up to work to throw away in the dumpster.

I went outside to tell him what had happen. Being the sweet husband & daddy he is, he immediately jumped in the truck to go dig through the dumpster at work. I thought they were in the trash bag he threw away last night, but I didn't realize he had took the trash Thursday morning when he left for work and the dumpster was emptied sometime on Friday.

So, the pictures are gone. My baby girl's pictures are now sitting in the county landfill. The thing that sucks the most is that I didn't even really look at them on Wednesday. With so many people there and the excitement of the morning, I didn't get a good look. Plus, it had Davids favorite picture (so far) of her. She had her face looking straight at us and had her hand up by her face. It just looked so cute. I think he's kinda mad at me. I never do things like this. I'm pretty good about keeping up with stuff.

Luckily, I have another ultrasound on May 5th so we still have a chance for more pictures. I know in the huge scope of things this is nothing, but still I'm mad at myself.

Friday, April 24, 2009

30 Day Challenge

Some might think I'm crazy for putting this out there, but this blog started as a way to keep family & friends up to date and now has almost become a journal or diary (I hate the way that word sounds) for me. It's were I've started to come to vent, celebrate, and ramble. Moving on... I figure if I talk about it on here then it makes it real and me more responsible to stick to it. So, here we go....

First, I have a confession...I am a shopaholic. I know it. I have watched a special on it on Oprah and I have the signs. I buy something 90% of the time I walk into a store. I buy stuff off my credit cards and then hide the purchases from my husband. I have many times lied about the cost of things. Plus, I can always justify a purchase. Though I would not be compared with the Shopaholic movie in the fact I buy only designer clothes, I do buy most of my stuff on sale and I buy a lot of it. Majority of my social activities revolve around shopping. And yes, I have several things in my closet at the moment still with tags on them and shoes that have never been worn.

That being said, I will share the rest of the situation. To be completely honest, we ran into a pickle yesterday. Without sharing too much information, basically a check was mistakenly not written down in the check book and it was cashed yesterday. It was forgotten about, we were not expecting it and had already spent too much money this week. So because of that, we are left with a certain amount of money till next pay day which happens to be 7 days from now. At first, I freaked. How are we to live on on $__ the next seven days?

I freaked and then got mad. I was mad at myself because it was a realization that we do not live on our "budget." This is something I and we have always struggled with even when we were barely surviving. We have some bad financial habits that we definitely need to break and soon.
I was mad because I am a big reason for why we cannot stay on a budget. I go over our "budget" every week.

We have already started taking steps to be more responsible financially but we still have a long way to go. The first, we have stopped using credit cards and are working to pay them off. We've already paid off two this year and they haven't been used since. All my credit cards but two have been cut up and I've only used them three times this year.

The other issue is our biggest weakness is food. We eat out constantly. We have actually started doing better about this also. I used to be very bad about going to the grocery store and spending $120 on a weeks worth of groceries and then deciding we didn't want to eat that and go out. We no longer do this, but we still eat out a good bit. In fact, if you added it up (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner) we realistically eat out at least 15+ meals out of 21 a week.

So with all that on the table, I had what we call down here "a coming to Jesus meeting" last night. David made a list of what we've spent the past 26 days and made three columns that contained our weaknesses...Clothes, Walmart, and Out to Eat. I was seriously shocked to see how much money we actually spend on those things and it was only 26 days, not even a full month. It was a wake up call.

While cleaning (that's when I get my thinking done), I took a good look at myself and my issues and realized that a change needs to be made. I have heard others try this before and I figured I would challenge myself. I am not going to spend anything on myself for the next 30 days. The only items I am allowed to buy are needed hygienic items & food. No clothes, no books or magazines, no purses, and nothing for Olivia for the next 30 days. We are also limiting our eating out to only 2 meals a week and only 1o meals out per month.

This is going to be a struggle. Especially for me. But I realized that thinking the reason I should do this because it's the right thing to do is no longer a factor. I realized I need to do this for Olivia. I don't want Olivia growing up with the thinking everytime she walks into a store she gets something. I want her to have other activities than shopping. I don't want her to be three and waking up in the morning asking what store are we going to today? I don't want her to be materialistic like her momma. I want her to realize it's the simple things in life that mean the most, not the clothes you wear or purses you carry. Plus, we need to stop our going out to eat because I don't want to teach Olivia bad eating habits at such a early age. I don't want her begging to eat at McDonald's every day like I have witnessed other kids before. I know these are things that need to change now and not after Olivia gets here.

Like I said, this is going to be a big struggle for me. I know that may sound superficial of me, but it's the truth. It's one of those things that sounds easier than it actually is. I figured putting this on here and out in the open makes me more responsible to carry it out. I figured at least once a week I'll post to keep up on how I'm doing with it. I have already talked to my "shopping partner" and she understands why I will be staying out of the stores. So there it new challenge for the next 30 days.

To make a good start on my first day of my new challenge, I raided the pantry & freezer tonight when I got home and already planned a menu for the next seven days. Using majority of what we already have in the fridge, we went to walmart to buy the rest of what we needed and I spent only $27 to complete the seven meals for a week. We have never ate on $27 a week ever. We are use to spending $27 a meal. I was pretty happy with myself and impressed David. Now we just have to stick with it and luckily this week don't really have a choice.

So, here's to a good start to a new beginning!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am absolutely miserable. My allergies are killing me. My nose is stuffed up but running all at the same time. I haven't been able to breath out of my nose for the past 36 hours. I've blown my nose so much, it's now raw and hurts. When at work today, my boss looked at me at one point and said there was no way I had that much snot in me. Of course, I just kept on blowing.

The best part is, I cannot take anything! It's one of the joys of pregnancy. Your medication list is very limited.

There are only three things I can take...Tylenol Sinus, Benadryl, and Sudafed. So far the Tylenol Sinus medicine makes me just feel worse and the Benadryl works but makes me drowsy & fall asleep at my desk. So that leaves me with Sudafed. I've never taken it in the past so pray that it helps.

Lord, please help me! I need some relief!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The big event of the week...

I could blog about all the stuff that has been going on the past few days, but I would rather share the big news with you.

We're having a baby Girl!

It was pretty much confirmed today at the 18 week ultrasound that "it" is a girl. Baby Olivia was once again in perfect position and gave us several shots to confirm that she is a girl. The ultrasound tech was pretty confident also she's a girl.

We had a group that came with us which included my mom & dad, mother-in-law, and Aubry. The ultrasound tech asked if we could tell what it was and of course we were like no. When she said it's a girl, our group started screaming. Needless to say that those that wanted a girl were happy. We were thrilled either way, but David really wanted a little girl so he is really excited. It is kinda funny since most people have been saying it's a girl all along.

Of course, we met David's mom for lunch after we left the appointment and headed out to buy some pink stuff. We got lots of cute stuff already. No doubt, baby Olivia is going to be a very spoiled little girl.

Other than that, we got the news that baby Olivia looks healthy and I was released from the specialist. Baby Olivia weighs 9 ounces already and has a strong heartbeat. She is so far a healthy baby and they have no worries about her. Which is what we really are thankful for.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy Weekend

We got three different offers to do something with friends tonight and we're losers and turned down all three. So those friends who read our blog. Please don't think we're trying to bail out on you.

We have had busy week and it's been one in which we've only been home one night since a week ago Wednesday. It has finally just caught up with us. Plus, we have a busy weekend planned and we already know we're not going to stop till Monday. Plus, we'll be entertaining my mom & John who are coming stay for the next few days.

So, we just needed a break tonight. Which of course means we're trying to get ready for company.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its all who you know...

Monday I received a phone call from my OB that the doctor I was scheduled to see had a death in the family and she would not be there. I had the option to reschedule or keep my appointment and see a different doctor. Being that I was already off I opted to keep my appointment and just see another doctor. I had a question for the receptionist and we got off on a different conversation.

Later that night, I received an automated voice mail that reminded me of my visit this Wednesday at a different office than I normally go to. My fault lies in the fact that I didn't call to check on this voice mail the next day. This has happened before and the last time I called they informed me that the automated call was wrong and to go to my normal office. So I get there yesterday morning and they inform me I was to be seen at the Jonesboro office. Go figure...this is what I get when I assume.

After a few minutes of talking with the lady at the front desk. She keeps trying to put the mistake on me. I informed her that when the lady asked me if I wanted to keep my appointment, she never informed me I would have to go to a different office. I of course was getting upset by then and started crying that I had already taken off work and blah, blah, blah. She informs me I can go to the other office that afternoon. I personally didn't think that was fair, since I had already drove 40 minutes to her office and would have to drive another 40 minutes to the other office and it was their mistake. She informs me that the doctor in the office was swamped and there was no way he could see me today. There was not a single person in the freakin office and normally the place is packed.

After a few minutes of pregnant lady meltdown. She tells me that maybe she could talk to the Doctor and see if he can fit me in. She then pulls up my file on her computer. I'm thinking it's to check to see if I had insurance before she bothered the doctor. Suddenly she looks up at me and says "the doctor can see you now." I told her don't worry I would just come back next week, I didn't want inconvenience anyone. She says no and then whisk me to the back to start my appointment.

After the weigh in and blood pressure, they put me in the exam room and the nurse pulls up my file again on the computer. This time I can read what it says. "Daughter-in-law of _____ MD at _____Hospital. This is the first thing that automatically pops up when they pull my file and they have to read it and click ok to move on.

This completely shocked me. They would have never went ahead and saw me if it wasn't for this. I don't know why, but it kinda irritated me. I know that most medical offices, though they would never admit it, show preferential treatment to those with insurance than those without. But I was shocked to see that information on my file. It has just really bothered me. I guess in the long run it's probably a good thing for me, but still. Its just the whole principal of the matter.

Other than that, the appointment went well. I have only gained two pounds in the last month and my blood pressure was good. The baby's heartbeat was going strong and this time the doctor found it right away. The doctor said he was happy with my progress and I was right were I needed to be. So all that was good news. He said that I should be able to find out the sex of the baby next week. He said the specialist were good at finding out the sex (whatever that means). If not, I get another shot on May 5th.

This just has made me start wondering what else they put on those files. I'm sure if your a complainer or always calling or something, it says it on your file. You might wanna stop and think about it because evidently it will determine what kinda treatment you get.

Sorry, the whole thing has just bothered me.

Oh yeah for the record, my MIL is not a MD. She is a RN who works with the MD who entered in the info. Evidently DIL of MD on your file gets you into the office.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big Week...

Someone in our house has had a big week so far and its only Wednesday.

I can tell you, it ain't me.

Monday the hubby got a new truck to replace the dead jeep. Now he's styling in a new truck. It's the nicest car he's ever owned so he is excited about it. I really am happy for him. He works hard for it.

Then today he comes home with a newspaper in hand. He made the local newspaper when one of his stores celebrated it's 1oth anniversary last week. He's a local celeb now. Our neighbor even came over because she recognized him and wanted to bring him a copy. He told her he already had a copy but he would be happy to sign hers for her. Just kidding...he really didn't say that. And yes, we live in a town where the Waffle House makes the local paper.

Of course I cut it out and put it on the fridge.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Friday night Aubry and I headed out to the sold out Sugarland concert. I am a huge Sugarland fan and I know all the words to all their songs. They are probably my absolute favorite band. In fact, their CD Love on the Inside which came out last summer is still in my car's CD player at the moment.

We had seen them once before in concert when they opened for Kenny Chesney a few years ago, but this was the first time we saw them headline. They did not disappoint. The concert was awesome. They are a group that does not just put on a concert, they put on a show. The show had lots of theatrical elements and Jennifer Nettles is all over the stage. Her personalty really shines on stage and she makes it fun to watch. Plus, that girl can sing.

I keep trying to get a picture of her and Christian but they were all over the stage and wouldn't stand still together long enough for a picture.

One of the cool things they did was give everyone a bottle of bubbles and a glow stick when you walked in. During one song, they had a huge bubble machine that sent bubbles all over the place and everyone was blowing their bubbles. It was kinda neat. Plus, at one point everyone had their glow sticks out and it looked really cool.

Not the best picture, but you get the point. Times this picture by ten and it looked like thousands of fireflies all over the arena. Very neat idea. They even did a rendition of the B52's Love Shack. It was great and they had everyone up and dancing the entire time throughout the concert.

Overall, we had a great time. Well worth the $50.

Easter Weekend 2009

This past weekend was a crazy one for us. We had a few ups & downs and unexpected happenings. Thankfully, it's all over now...

Friday night, David's car blew it's engine. We knew this was coming. We were already planning on buying a new car at the end of the year. We were just praying that his jeep would last till then. He drives A LOT for his job and needed a car that can stand up to the daily abuse. Unfortunately, when his car broke down, I was over an hour away at the Sugarland concert and my Aunt & Uncle who live ten minutes down the road were out of town. To make things funnier, my car was at their house but he had no keys to them. So he had to wait over two hours till his daddy & mommy could get there to get him and the car.

The good news is the car is dead! I hated that stupid Jeep from day one. Yes, he could probably fix it but he doesn't have the time right now and fortunately I was able to convince him just to go ahead and buy a new one since he was already going to do that later this year. Saturday we went and looked at cars. After stopping a few places, we went and saw our car guy that we usually buy our cars from. Luckily he had something David liked. It was late when we finally decided what he wanted to do so they couldn't finish the deal till Monday. We've already already talked to them this morning and everything is good to go. They are cleaning up the car now and we are going to pick it up and sign the papers when David gets off work. Luckily, since David needed a car this morning, I got to extend my Spring Break an extra day. I'm not complaining...that stupid Jeep finally did some good for me.

Saturday morning, David also had his interview for his next promotion. We had been nervous about this for the past few weeks because they (his bosses) we're acting funny about the whole situation and rumors were flying high at the WH, so we were afraid we would have to move soon. Something we weren't ready for right now. His interview went fantastic. Like always, he has exceeded their expectations. They want to keep him in their area, but right now they have nothing open, so for now we're staying where we are. We were excited about this. He does want to be promoted, but just not right now. They told us to expect it within the next year which fits more into our timeline. So for now we have plenty of time to prepare to move. We were happy with the decision and we were both relieved.

After a rocky start to the weekend, we had a nice Easter to finish the weekend up. David had to work of course, but I went to church with my Aunt & Uncle and the headed over to their house for lunch. Later that afternoon I headed home to pick up David and we headed to his grandparents. We ate way too much (like always) and had a great time seeing everyone. It was a nice end to the crazy weekend.

The girls (minus KP)

Aubry and Abby

The Pratt Family

Forced profile picture

Didn't know my uncle was such a poser?

Abby got to meet the Easter Bunny

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

17 weeks

Here it is...the family forced me into taking a profile pic.

17 weeks

Next week hopefully we'll find out the sex of the baby. I cannot wait!

Friday, April 10, 2009


We decided a few weeks ago that we were no longer going to share baby names until we found out what it is. Reasons being...

1. We were tired of people looking at us with a cocked head look (if you have a dog you know what I talking about) and then saying "okay."

2. Then people proceeding to give us suggestions on names they like even though we didn't ask for suggestions.

3. Plus, we were throwing around several names and of course having people tell us which of those they liked and which they didn't. We wanted to just wait till we had completely decided.

So, a couple weeks ago we had officially decided on names for both a boy and a girl because I wanted to have both decided on when we find out in a couple of weeks. Of course after we decided, we went back and forth on the girls name. But now it's been officially decided. Basically, I picked out the girls name and David picked out the boys and of course we both like each of them.

For a Girl: Olivia Kate
For a Boy: Grayson Cash

So, please no more suggestions on names and no more funny looks. Plus, when you ask parents what they plan on naming their child, don't tell them you don't like the name or start to make suggestions (unless they ask for your suggestions) because its rude and annoying.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


-My biggest fear during this whole pregnancy is that I will gain too much weight. Vain, I know.

-I like SpongeBob SquarePants and when no one's home I watch it.

-Even though I would love to be known as a wonderful housewife, majority of the time I would rather go out to eat rather than fixing a nice home cooked meal for my husband.

-I have a tattoo I got at age 15. Big Mistake. Enough said. No questions please.

-A few people want to be in the delivery room when this baby is born and though I did not right out say no, I'm pretty sure I don't want anyone in there but David.

-I made David stock up on enough uniforms for work so that I can go twelve work days without doing laundry.

-I am dying to know if the baby is a boy or girl. If I don't find out in two weeks I might go crazy. I am dying to buy something for the baby.

-Speaking of baby, I'm convinced it is a boy. Not sure why?

-The other night I put in too much water in the hamburger helper I was making so it would turn out gross and we had to go out to eat. We ate taco bell instead.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting Ready for Baby...

Since we found out that we were pregnant, I have been trying to decide what room we were going to use for the nursery and whether we were going to have a office or guest room. David wanted to keep the office. I wanted to keep the guest room because I figured with a new baby coming and family that lives out of town, we would need a guest room. Plus, even though we have a gym membership, I wanted to keep the treadmill in the house.

Problem is we live in a smaller house. It is really a great size for us. We don't have tons of rooms we don't use, which use to be a problem in our old house (that is a pet peeve of mine). Plus, it's less I have to clean. We just needed to figure out how to get everything we wanted to work in the house. After months of rearranging the house in my head to figure out a workable solution, I came up with the perfect solution. This past Saturday the old guest room and office were combined and so far I think its going to work.

The pictures are not the best and the room is not completely done because I still need to hang curtains, pictures, and find a rug for the floor. It would not be a room to make the magazine pages, but we have no space for a separate gym and guest room. This arrangement satisfies everyone's wants. I put the "office" in the closet and still have my tv when I walk on the treadmill. Plus, when guest come to stay we can just shut the closet doors. I have had a few suggestions to take the closet doors off and yes, I had that thought, but these doors are actually attached to the floor and look as though they might be a pain to put back up and plus, I don't plan on us being here that long. So, now the third bedroom is empty and ready for baby furniture.

Spring Break Update

Just when you thought it was safe to complain about nothing to do on Spring Break...I have ended up being busier than I thought.

After a weekend of sun and rain, I woke up on Monday with a visit from the morning sickness monster. I had been feeling pretty good the last few weeks. But it resurfaced a few times over the last week or two. Monday I woke up feeling alright but as soon as I ate breakfast, it was over. After a few hours of being sick, I finally got enough energy to drive up to the Waffle and have David fix me some eggs. I was finally able to keep those down and came home to sleep the rest of the afternoon. I started feeling better that evening and we headed over to our friends the Pope's to meet their new little one Karmen. She is adorable and has the sweetest little grin. After taco's and ice cream I was miserable from eating way to much. Sadly, we were in bed by 9:30pm.

Tuesday ended up being a busy day with a few unexpected (but always welcomed) guest. I started the day early at wal-mart. I love wal-mart at 8am in the morning. It's so peaceful and you can actually walk around and look at stuff without being pushed out of the way. It's one of my favorite places if I go at that time. I then had a quick visit from Aubry who was on her way to school. We caught up on the past few days since we haven't seen each other since Friday. After she left, I got a call from my grandmother Meme and Aunt Sylvia who were in the area shopping. I was able to meet them for a quick lunch. I hadn't seen them in a few weeks so it was great catching up with them. That evening my grandma and granddaddy came down for dinner and like always we had a great time with them. We had a night full of food and talking and once again I went to bed full and miserable. Plus, I was exhausted after my long day.

Today there is not much planned. So I guess I will take it easy. Tomorrow I am meeting up with my mother-in-law to start looking at baby furniture! We rearranged the house last weekend to start clearing out for the nursery. Hopefully, in two weeks we can really start to make plans!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I think am I starting to feel Baby Mabes move.

I've been reading in the pregnancy books that now is the time you can start feeling the baby move, but most first time moms don't recognize it and consider it just their stomach fluttering or gas. You won't see any actual stomach movement yet, but in a few weeks it is possible.

The past few days I've felt my stomach "fluttering" a lot. It may just be gas pains, but I'm going to keep thinking its baby movement.

Also, the pregnancy ticker is a day off. By my doctors calculations I am a day earlier than the ticker is saying. It just keeps bothering me whenever I look at it.

Just wanted to share the news.

Happy Birthday LiL Brother!

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Today is my little brother's 20th birthday!

To be honest that scares of me. I seriously remember the day he was born and I think just the thought of him turning 20 makes me feel old.

Due to our age difference and some of the situations we've been through in our life, it's safe to say I've acted more as a mother to him than a sister. I'm sure most older siblings do. I've helped take care of him since he was born and I was never shy about telling him what to do. These past couple of years, I'm glad to see our relationship has turned to more a sibling relationship. Instead of telling him what to do, I rather give him advice from my own lessons learned. The other night at dinner we sat next to each other and didn't fight once (I believe that is the first time ever). We even had several adult conversations about college and tattoos.

I could go on and on about my brother. He is my only blood sibling and he literally is a walking miracle. To make a long story short, he was born three months early with Spina Bifida and we were told he would never walk. Eighteen years later, he's still walking. In twenty years, he has endured countless surgeries, countless doctors visits, and a few set backs health wise. Nevertheless, he is always positive, always recovers, and continues on. We're usually more freaked out about things than he is and he is always the one calming us before his surgeries. He has the same stubbornness of my mom and I, but the older he gets he is the picture of his father. He is my everyday reminder of Steve. But that I am grateful for.

I cannot say enough how proud of him I am. He still has a long way to go, but I'm excited to watch him grow into a man. He called me a few weeks ago to inform me he was getting a tattoo for his twentieth birthday. I was impressed with what he wanted to get and honored when he asked me to be apart of it. He may not use my handwriting because it might be too girlie, but I was still honored that he thought to include me.

I hope he has a great birthday! I wish him a long life of happiness and many more years to come and I cannot wait to see what the next twenty years brings him!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ugh...Spring Break

It's official, I'm on Spring Break now. A whole week with nothing to do : (

David is working and Aubry has school. That is the bad thing about working for the school system, usually when your off, no one else is. I'm not sure why we didn't plan David's vacation the same week I had Spring Break, but for some reason when we made plans, we didn't think about the fact I would be off the whole next week. Oh well, too late now...

So I am dreading next week. I am trying to come up with stuff to do, but so far it's not looking too promising. I have stuff planned for Thursday and Friday, but that leaves like five days for me to entertain myself. I hate just sitting around the house. I think that there is a part of me that is under the impression that after the baby is first born, I won't be able to tote it everywhere (at first). So because of that, I haven't been home a lot lately. I hate sitting around the house just watching tv. I almost went crazy last night because we hadn't done anything since Monday. The only thing to do in G-town after 7pm is Wal-mart and I wasn't feeling it. So I just sat here and complained all night. I'm sure that is how next week will end up. I'm sorry David!

There are a few things that need to be done around the house, so I am going to try to motivate myself to get those things done and I have invited my grandparents over for dinner Tuesday night, the MIL and I are spending Mother/Daughter day on Thursday, and Aubry and I have plans for Friday. Hopefully, all that will keep my week filled and it won't be too bad.

I'll quit whining now. I know you all think I'm crazy now for complaining about a week off.

There's a good chance of lots of blogging next week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yay Spring!

me + benadryl = me falling asleep at work

Yes, It's officially Spring in Georgia. The yellow stuff is covering everything. No matter has much it rains, it's everywhere. I started feeling it's effects a week ago and finally got fed up enough to go buy something for it.

Being pregnant limits much of the medicines your allowed to take. Benadryl is something I'm allowed to take, so I took the first dose this morning. I did inform my boss and Aubry, whom I share an office with, that if I fall out in the floor it's due to the Benadryl and to not call 911.

So when I laid my head down on my desk for a minute, I was out. They were both nice enough to let me sleep for a bit. I'm not quite sure how long I was asleep. I was only awaken when someone came into the office and started to laugh at me.

I was going to post the rest from our trip to Nashville this weekend, but we had a bit of a scare in the family yesterday and that threw my day off a bit. I might get around to it later. I'm really just not up to it now.