Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

Three blogs in one day. It is a little much but I couldn't resist any longer. So, I've been reading several blogs that participate in Not Me Mondays and I can't resist to join in the fun. So here we go...

I did not go to Target last week and spend $50 on clothing. Not only did I not purchase the clothing, I did not put the purchase on my credit card because I knew that my husband would not approve. I did not do this because I know that we are saving money and paying off our credit card debt. I would never do this because I am committed to our goal of paying everything off.

And not only did I not make purchases at target that I did not need to make, I definitely did not bring those clothes home, cut off the tags, and hide them in the closet so my husband would not find them. I would never do that because that is lying and I would never lie to my husband about my shopping habits.

I did not silently celebrate when the annoying girl who asks annoying stupid questions (yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question), and who sits next to me in my Family Law class did not show up again for the third day in a row. I did not do that because that is just mean and I have no clue what is going on in her life for why she couldn't make it or had to drop it. It would be mean to hope that she had to drop the class. I did not do that because I'm trying to be a nice person and nice people don't have thoughts like that.

I did not get mad when I asked my cousin to meet me for dinner and she turned me down because she had too much to do for school. Because I did not get mad at her, I did not then send her a short and rude text. I would never do that because that is not what a good friend does. I would never do that to her even though I had not seen her in almost two weeks.

I did not use my time unwisely on the days I had night classes. I did not sit and read the blogs that I am addicted to for hours those days. Instead, I spent my time studying and completing my assignments for my online class and not waiting till the last minute to turn them in. I did not put off my school work because it is something I have been working hard for and something I want. I would never beg my husband to let me quit my job so I could devote my time to school and then sit and not do my school work.

I did not stay up till two in the morning one weekend night so I could watch the 17 kids and Counting mini-marathon that didn't start till 11pm. I did not do that because I need my sleep and would never deprive my self of sleep just so I could watch television.

I did not sit around the house all weekend and do absolutely nothing but be lazy and watch television. I would never not step foot out of the house for almost 72 hours because that's just sad. I would not then be hard on myself if I were to do that because sometimes it just happens.

So that is what I did not do last week. I feel better now :)

Why I hate Great Clips...

David went and got a haircut this morning at the Great Clips down the street and I decided to tag along. So I am sitting there quietly reading my magazine, minding my own business, waiting for him to finish when the hairdresser looks at me and says...

"Honey, are you sure you don't want to get your ends trimmed?"

Normally, since I only get about two haircuts a year, this wouldn't have been an insult, but I had just got a haircut last Thursday. I just paid $30 for a freakin haircut. Can you at least not tell that I just had it cut? It still has that just cut look. I personally thought it was kinda rude. To me that is basically saying...your hair looks like crap. I was nice and informed her I had just had it cut last week. David said he thought she was just bored and wanted something to do. Even if that was the case, from a woman's was an insult.

My Wild Weekend...

I had the sad realization last night about 11:30pm that I hadn't left the house ALL weekend. I was completely disappointed in myself. I'm dead serious, I didn't walk out of the house (except to the trash can outside) at all. We went to eat at about 7pm on Friday night and then Dave dropped me off at home before he went back to the WH and that was the last time I set foot out of the house for almost the next 72 hours.

Sad, sad, sad.

I probably wouldn't feel so bad if I was actually did something productive, but I sat around and watched movies for two days. sad am I. This morning I confessed to the hubby about my wild weekend... he took me to breakfast at Chick-fil-a and Wall-mart. He even told me I could walk around Wal-mart as long as I wanted.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our New Place

As promised, here are some pictures of our what we like to call "Our New York City Apartment."
400 sq. feet of Bliss...

~Front Door/Mudroom~

~Home Office~

~Master Bedroom~

~Dressing Room~
(Please Excuse the white dresser my goal is to get it painted to match by the end of the year)


~Living Room~

~Living Room~
(Please excuse the sheet on the white chair. Buddy has taken a liking to it and I was too lazy to take it off for pictures.)

So, this is our new dwelling. Not my dream to decorated. Yes, I have already rearranged a few times, but there is only so much you can do with fours walls. I have been successful in already rearranging the living room & the den in the main part of the house. Something I have been dying to do even before we lived here. So, I am still able to feed the need to rearrange everything. But, for now this will do. Our goal is to be in our own house in less than two years, depending on when I graduate.

I should be thankful though, people in New York City pay millions for this much square footage.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday Cake

My mom sent me this picture yesterday. I love this cake and had to share. I want one for my 30th birthday...

It's a Cabbage Patch Kid for those of you who don't recognize what it is. A lady at her church makes them and does an awesome job. I used to be obsessed with the Cabbage Patch Kids growing up. I had about ten of them. I even had one that looked just like this one.

Thrift Store Adventures...

Meet Kayla or as we refer to her, Special K. She came into the picture last February at work and Aubs and I quickly adopted her into our twosome, which then became known as AKA (Amber, Kayla, & Aubry). I love this girl. She has a awesome spirit even after all her family has been through. She's crazy, fun, and always making us laugh. You can see why...

Since our other two lunch partners weren't at work today, Kayla and I decided to check out the thrift store across from Dwarf House in Jonesboro. I really went there to look for jeans. I want jeans like they used to make them, not stretchy. No luck in the jean department, but we did find these awesome gold heels. She got the gold heels and I got the glitter gold stirrup pants.

Just kidding. They didn't take debit cards and of course the two of us never carry cash. But, we had a good time anyway.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Last Thursday was my Dad's birthday. He says he's holding at 48. I guess that means I don't have to throw him a big 5-0 party next year. Hey, it saves me money. We celebrated on Sunday with eating BBQ & watching football. It was nice and easy as far as birthdays go. We all decided to go in together and get him Georgia Football bathroom decor so he could redecorate his bathroom. I think its the first time in history that a straight man was excited about receiving bathroom decor for his birthday. I also did his birthday theme in red and black in honor of the dawgs.

Happy Birthday Dad!

My New Love!

I have a new love & I have to share it with everybody! This past weekend we had dinner with some friends of ours the Popes. Well, Nicole told me about this store in Griffin and saying that I had to go check it out, she knew I would love it. Well, boy was she right. The place is not open on Mondays, so I had to wait till yesterday. I walked in and almost cried. The place looked like heaven to me. Seriously. The store is called Serendipity and if you are a fool for bags and anything monogrammed like I am, then you will absolutely love it. I bought a bag that I've seen a few girls carrying around at school for my school books and then a purse. The tote was only $30 and that included the monogram. Plus, they monogrammed my bag in three hours, not three weeks like Swoozies. Yes, I'm still bitter about that. Their prices were not bad at all. Plus they had racks of jewelry that only costs $3. It's amazing that I didn't spend more money than I did. So, if you are in the griffin area, you need to check out this place (it's in the Belk's shopping center). And if your one of those out of town, next time your here I will take you down there. Here are a few shots of my new purchases yesterday...

My New Purse. It's perfect for Fall!

My New School Tote

Inside of the Tote. I Love all the little pockets!

So if you haven't noticed, I'm a little obsessed with the giraffe print right now. I already have a few purses with the giraffe print, but whats a few more. It was decided last night at dinner that I have an obsession with bags & purses. They are now calling me the bag lady. I don't think its a problem. It could be worse I told David, I could be addicted to crack!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swim Goggles & the Waffle House Award

I meant to post this last week, but I just forgot. I had to share.

I walk into our room one night last week and this is what I find...

Yes, that is Dave on the computer checking his daily financial news with a pair of woman's swim goggles on his head backwards. Weirdo!

But, since I've had to embarrass him, now I have to brag about him. WH had their weekly manager meeting this past Wednesday and Dave got an award. Of course he doesn't even show or tell me till the next day. But he is the Best Overall Unit Manager for the 4th Quarter! I'm all excited about it and of course want to hang it up. He on the other hand is mad because he says he's won the award five other times and this is the first time he's gotten a plaque for it. Why can't we just be happy with the damn award? Anyways, I made him pose with the award and took his picture. Of course that only irritaded him more . I'm still proud of him.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The State Fair & A New Beginning

This past weekend was an awesome one for us. For once, we got to spend it together! Well, technically our weekend was Friday and Saturday, but when your on our schedule, any two days off in a row constitute a weekend. On Friday, I still wasn't feeling so good, so we got up and went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Since the hubby works for WH, that's pretty much the only place we get to eat breakfast at. After ending the morning with a trip to Wal-mart so Dave could pick up the movie Iron Man, we proceeded to go home and spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing! We took two naps, watched movies & tv, and did absolutely nothing. It was wonderful! We need more days like that. I greatly recommend lazy days for everyone once in awhile.
Saturday, we continued our yearly Mabrey Family tradition of going to the State Fair in Perry. We love the state fair! We in all honestly we go just for the food. Fair food is the best. We had a combination of foot long corn dogs, apple dumplings, frozen pina colada's, and a brawtsworth. Where else can you go and get all those in one place? We also love the livestock. Our dream is to one day have a farm with cattle, goats, and horses. So for right now, we go every year to the state fair to get a look at our future. We think its fun. We had a great time and spent pretty much all day down there. I even got to hold a baby chick.

I'm in my second week of school and so far I am loving it! I think I've finally found something that holds my interest. I am loving my law classes. My classes are two and a 1/2 hours long each, but when in them, the time flys by. Honestly, I've had a hard time adjusting to the choice of moving in with Dave's parents. Even though I've been telling people I was fine with the whole thing. Not that we have any major problems with them, I love them dearly, but dealing with the feelings that Dave and I were moving backwards instead of forward in our life has been hard. But, now that school has started, I am so glad that we made the decision. There is no way I would have been able to keep up with the school work and work a job at the same time. So, this week has given me a new outlook and appreciation for what's going on in our lives at this time. It is easy to forget that God has a plan for us. I now feel like we really are making progress and moving forward in our lives.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yippee, Friday is finally here! We have both had a pretty rough week this week. For starters, I have been sick all week with some kind of sinus/cold something. I woke up Sunday with a sore throat that continued all day. But, unlike the last time, I was good and went to the doctor right away. I left work early on Monday and I even made an appointment. Very grown up of me I know. But anyways, the doc didn't say to much so I guess I was correct on my diagnosis of a sinus infection. He did give me a antibiotic and a prescription for nasenex. But even though I have been taking my meds just as prescribed, it is still taking a few days to get over it. It has now turned into some kind of cold thing and I can't quit hacking. Everybody I know seems to have whatever this is, so watch out it may be heading to your neck of the woods soon.
So, not only am I sick, classes for the fall quarter started this week. Yes, this is always a happy time of year for me, but Wednesday I had a heart attack at the griffin tech bookstore. Part of us moving in with the parents, was to get rid of our debt and that includes student loans, atleast not adding to what I already have. So we have decided to pay for my school out of our pocket. I have always heard that medical textbooks are expensive, but let me tell you that Law books beat the medical books. Atleast at Griffin tech, I looked at the other prices while standing in line. My grand total at the checkout was $420.00 for three, yes only 3, books! One book alone cost $150.00! I do not lie, I have the receipt to prove it. I know that you can buy the books cheaper online, blah, blah, blah. But of course, we had to have the one that is shrink wrapped and has the special code in it so you can log onto the website that your teacher has decided to put all your work on, so you have no choice but to buy it. And then of course the other was a brand spanking new book. It even has a 2009 copyright date, so there are none to be found on I swear it is a complete ripoff.
Dave has had a tough week with work. Please keep him in your prayers. A lot has been going on this week in his area and though he was not involed in any of the mess, it does affect him and his position right now. Nothing is still final in where he will end up and it looks like it might be awhile before he finds out anything for sure. Unfortunatley, it all seems to be a situation that people are being rewarded for bad behavior and those who do their job right are getting left with the mess. He has just been frustrated with the whole situation, so keep him in your prayers.
But, on a good note, we get to end our rough week together. We both have Friday and Saturday off together!!! I can't tell you how long it's been since we've had two whole days off together. We are still debating on what we are going to do with our two days. It's been so long we don't know what to do with ourselves. Have a great weekend!