Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Snuggies

After my post last Friday, I didn't want y'all to think my mom is some heartless lady who just lets babies cry. We were very fortunate that she was the one to come down and take care of Olivia and I last week while I recovered from the second surgery. Since I didn't go into detail much on Friday, she knew more of the situation with Olivia and knew what I was talking about.

No, I don't lay her in her crib and allow her to cry all night. I have read the books and I understand that babies at that have no way to soothe themselves but, when I stated that she didn't want to sleep unless someone was holding her, I wasn't exaggerating. The problem that we were having was that she always ended up in our bed. I know everyone has their own way of raising children, but we're not big fans of the co-ed sleeping thing. I feel like (especially in our bed) it's dangerous. Last Thursday night I fell asleep in the bed with her in my arms. When I woke up it freaked me out because if I went a little to the left, she would have been on the floor. Plus, it wouldn't be a question of if David rolled on top of her, it would be a question of when?

The problem we were having was that, besides holding her, nothing else was soothing her. I think we've finally found a solution. We've had a few good nights in a row of her sleeping in her crib and I'm hoping that success continues. She hates to be swaddled. She likes to be able to move her arms and legs. Anytime we swaddled her, she kicked herself out. I bought a blanket onesie from Target and so far, she loves it. I guess it confines her enough to make her feel safe, but allows her to still move around. We've named it the baby snuggie.

Oh and I don't see how people live without these things...

It saves me from some unneeded stress on some days.


Kameron said...

I love that you call it the baby snuggie! Oh, and sorry if I made it seem like you couldn't let her cry at all, I didn't mean it like that!! :o) I loved my sling and Baby Bjorn. There's no way I could have survived without them!

Tami W said...

I love you and the wonderful women, wife and mother you have become.

The Popes said...

Josie lived in our baby carrier. It's crazy how much more you can get done with both hands!