Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mocha Mamas-Take 3

I'm sure all of you really don't care about what we do every week at play group, but our fearless leader is freezing her butt off up North and this post is to keep her posted on how playgroup went without her.

Sorry Nicole...

We didn't have a activity planned for the kids...we just let them run wild.

We didn't drink any coffee this go round...we stuck with Coke (or pop for you Northerners).

We decided not to interact with the kids...because let's just face it play group is really for us, not them.

Plus, I didn't take any pictures...I was too busy yelling at the kids to go outside and leave us alone.

I'm kidding...okay not about the activity and the Coke, but the rest isn't true.

We did eat some yummy chicken noodle soup. Sheena is officially a awesome chef!
I wanna eat at her house every night.

The boys did destroy the house playing with trains and we only had one fight.

Julian did become reunited with his favorite bouncy seat.

And Amy did take a few shots with my camera.

Gasp! Yes that's me holding my own child. Scary, I know!
See what happens when your not here!

We did have a god time, though we did miss you and Josie.
Our group just wasn't the same without you two.
Plus, I know Amy is missing you lots!


Anonymous said...

Don't be telling everybody our secrets! They already think we mistreat our children remember!? HA!

The Popes said...

Sounds like a perfect playgroup!

And don't worry, there will be no more planned activities when I get back either!

Kameron said...

Looks like a nice time. I am a fan of scheduled chaos!