Friday, October 16, 2009


I promise I am working on part two: the worst part of the week. I'm not trying to leave y'all hanging. Promise.

Having a baby takes up a lot of time. I now know why people drop off the blogging world for a few weeks after they have a baby.

I will finish it up this weekend and post it on Monday. Promise.

We're trying to get into a routine around here. It's hard when you have visitors at your house 24/7. We have had someone at our house everyday for the last three weeks. We have yet to spend a full 24 hours just the three of us. We're grateful for every one's help, but it starts to wear on you after awhile. It has also lead to problem with Olivia...

she's SPOILED!!!!

She has basically been held since she's been born and now she thinks she cannot sleep unless she's in some one's arms.

Mom, I keep trying to put her down and just let her cry, but it's hard. Plus it doesn't help that her daddy cannot stand to listen to her cry and runs to pick her up every time. Last night I thought he was going to start crying because I wouldn't let him go pick her up. She is so wrapped around his finger already.

So, I hope everyone in the blog world is doing well. I haven't even been keeping up with my Google Reader. I'm scared to open it.

Have a great weekend!!!


Kameron said...

You can't spoil a baby that young! They don't know how to soothe themselves and letting them cry it out doesn't really work until after they have hit the 3 month mark! So hold away!!

Lyr said...

That's totally fine! We all know how it is. Keep loving and cuddling that little one! ;)

mrs.leah.maria said...

I second this, you really can't spoil your child until at least 3+ months of age.

At this point, she's crying because she needs you. She's not adjusted to this big bad world and thankfully find comfort in what you can provide by loving, cuddling, shushing, rocking, feeding and so forth.

Babies this young have absolutely no method to comfort themselves, which most pediatricians will back up.

I know I'm at least 5 months removed from this phase, but do try to enjoy it. They won't be this dependent always, just a few weeks/months.

Crying it out is not recommended until at least 3+ months

That being said, we're all new to this. This is just my {strong} opinion. :)

Tami W said...

A wonderful mother you are. Like we talked about earlier. God will give you what you need. I love you!