Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Official...

So, we found out on Sunday but we were not allowed to tell anyone till yesterday...David was officially promoted to a District Manager! He was checked into his three stores Monday. He is very relived after three months of running something that he wasn't even being paid for. Which we are blessed in the fact that they have decided to pay him retroactive pay for his last three months of hard work. So tiny Tim, there might be hope for a Christmas after all!

He is still in the Griffin/Thomaston area. We would rather him stay there awhile so we could start looking towards maybe renting something down there. Especially since I go to school down there. But, they have told him not to get to comfortable and not to move. So, that sucks. I am ready to settle down somewhere and preferably not Henry County. But time will tell. That also meant good news for the FIL. He was checked into a store yesterday. So, for right night everyone is happy.


The Popes said...

YEAAAAAA!!!!!!!! That is SO exciting! And paying him retroactively (is that a word!?!) AWESOME!!!
I can't wait for Andrew to move it on up! And I want you to come live over here too! How fun would that be!?!
PS - I totally got excited thinking you were going to say that Baby Maybrey was on it's way. I'm still praying for that news!

Elizabeth said...

Yes!!! That is so exciting. So happy for David and you!! Love yall tons!