Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday...

It's that time again...

It wasn't me who ate entirely too much while on vacation. It also wasn't me who talked everyone into eating only at the restaurants that I wanted to eat at while in Pigeon Forge.
But hey...I didn't hear anyone complaining.

It wasn't me who was jealous of the girl who was my age and her baby who sat next to me at the family style restaurant. Yes, her baby was extremely cute and had the best personality of any six month old I've ever seen, but still, she had something I wanted and it seems the more I want one, the more everyone else has one and the more everyone keeps coming up pregnant. I was nice though and talked to her even though she keep rubbing that baby in my face. It was almost as though she knew I wanted one.

It wasn't me who ordered the $16.99 turkey and dressing dinner at the best restaurant in Pigeon Forge and then proceed to eat only two bites of turkey, two of the mashed potatoes, and the entire plate of dressing. That's just wasteful. I also didn't proceed to take the turkey I didn't eat home and give it to the dogs. More than likely the dressing was just stovetop stuffing, but it was good.

It wasn't me who pitched a fit for my hubby to buy the souvenir photos that the horseback riding place offered of us horseback riding. I wasn't me who felt bad as the lady started to give me her spill about how the money from the pictures goes towards the horses shots and medical bills. It's not me who is a sucker for horses (or dogs). So, it wasn't I who paid $22 for two photos that weren't really that good just because I fell for the saleslady sad story pitch and wanted to make sure my horse "Dakota" got his shots next year.

It wasn't me who got up with the husband on Sunday morning and drove thirty minutes to the nearest krispy kreme. That is just sad.

It wasn't me who accidentally broke an ornament at the Christmas Shop in Pigeon Forge and then proceed to hide it on the shelf were it couldn't be seen and then run away from the scene of the crime. I do feel bad, but it wasn't even that cute and $8.99. No one should have to pay $8.99 for an worm ornament even if it wasn't broke. Plus, there were no signs that said "you beak, you buy."

And that is what I didn't do this past week.


The Popes said...

HA! I DID NOT hide a pumpkin that I broke last week either. And I KNOW I didn't blame Josie either!

The Popes said...

Where or where do you go to get your hair cut? I can't find anywhere that's less then like 40 dollars and all I need is a good trim. HELP!