Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me...

It wasn't me who lied to my teacher last week and told him that I had a family function this coming Friday night and that I was going to have to miss the first night of the fall leadership conference due to that family function. I wasn't me who would lie to my teacher just so I could go celebrate Popes birthday with everyone.

It wasn't me who procrastinated on homework for my online class all week. It wasn't me who decided to not finish one of my case briefings so I could go shopping on Saturday with Momma Mabrey and Aunt Gina. It wasn't me who still as of this moment have not even done the case brief to turn in.

It wasn't me who after church on Sunday came home and watched White Christmas with Momma Mabrey. It also wasn't us, who after watching White Christmas, decided that we so could have lived in the 1950's because we loved the clothes, the music and the respect that women received back then (men acted like gentlemen towards women). It also wasn't us who decided that we didn't particularly care for the women's movement and would have been completely happy at home in our aprons waiting for our husbands to come home. Just being honest!

It also wasn't me who after watching White Christmas then sit on the couch for the next four hours and watch a PBS marathon of a documentary on the Royal Family with Momma Mabrey. It also wasn't us who decided that we just couldn't live the royal life. We would just stick with our 1950's housewife dreams.

It wasn't me who told the hubby that I was kinda disappointed that we hadn't gotten our Christmas gift already from momma and daddy Mabrey. It also wasn't me who got completely embarrassed when at dinner Saturday night he pronounced to them that I wanted my Christmas gift now so I could watch my Christmas shows. It wasn't me who wanted to kill my hubby at that moment and then honestly could not look at them because I was so embarrassed. It wasn't me who learned next time to keep her mouth shut!

It wasn't me who decided to not go to class last Monday night so I could finish decorating my Christmas tree. It wasn't me who decided to put up her Christmas tree last week!


The Popes said...

Hey, Friday is kind of a family celebration, so it wasn't REALLY lying!!
And I hate the woman who made us have to go to work! Stupid Woman's Movement.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope that your teacher doesn't get ahold of your blog. :) Can't wait to see you guys Friday

The Popes said...

I lost the post you put your email on so... Friday Details
We figured we'd meet up at Dave and Busters at about 6:30 or 7 and hang out, eat, play until about 9:30 or 10 (we are old farts and pass out later then that). I might get Andrew a cookie cake but I have to see if I can bring it in first. Does that work for you guys?