Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Adventures in house hunting...

So I never knew how freaking frustrating this whole house hunting was going to be...

So, the house that I talked about yesterday...well, DW calls around 11 to ask the guy if we can come look at it because I had gotten done a little earlier than expected. Of course we can't because they still haven't evicted the peeps who are living there now. We are still waiting on the sheriff to come and evic them...nice.

But, don't worry because they really liked us (after a 5 min phone conversation?) and they even volunteered to move us for free due to our patience (they own a moving company) ...ummm ... something sounds strange now. They would call us in a few days to set up a time for us to see it.

So, DW and I decide that we are going to drive by since we had the directions...first we can't find it, gotta love mapquest...not. Finally it looks as though there is a clearing for a lake the next road over. So, we drive around this lovely neighborhood in which each yard is nicely decorated with junk, I mean stuff. The house wasn't what the ad represented which was a nice acre lot with lots of space inbetween the houses....which was a big fat negative. The actual house didn't look that bad. I was just a little worried about the neighborhood. I could already hear in my mind what my mother-in-law would have said first time she road through the neighborhood. Not trying to sound uppity or anything, but I don't want to drive through a neighborhood everyday that looks like a junk yard. Plus, I think the only reason the people "like" us so much is that we are probably the most educated sounding people that have called on the house so far.

Let's just say the hubby got to hear a big fat "told you so...you get what you pay for."

After that we rode back over towards the neighberhood I want to move into. Let's just say the hubby quickly raised his max of what we want to pay, which ironically was what the original rent max we had decided on until he found his little piece of heaven.

We didn't find anything new, but we called back our two prospectives over there. After riding back by (the first time was in the dark), we found one that we both liked due to the fenced in yard and little garage. We called the people again and they are out of town at the moment but want us to call back next week to come by and see it. Plus, it will fit better with our time line because there are people living in it currently and the house won't be ready till January, which is when we wanted to move originally. Plus, they allow dogs and the deposit is not astronomical like most other places. So, that was our adventures in house hunting. I think we will go look next week and if that doesn't work, we'll chill out till after the new year.

My biggest frustration comes from the landlords never calling you back. Seriously,we have called about eleven different places in three days and maybe half have called back. Plus, it takes two days before anyone will call back when they do. Plus, these houses are empty...I would think these people would be jumping to answer the phone for a empty house.

Plus, like we figured, we are having a hard time finding places that will let you have dogs. But, we've had our babies for years now and we're not about to get rid of them. We just got spoiled when we rented from DW's parents. But, I'll keep you posted on the progress. To make things better, last night DW had a business dinner with a big boss and he told him that yes, we didn't need to buy a house, but we do need to look into moving closer to his job (they pay for his gas). So, we defitnatly are going to have to do something soon.

So, keep us in your prayers. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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