Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

I love the Christmas Season...but today, Christmas Eve, is my absolute favorite day of the year.

Growing up, Christmas Eve was a special night for my family. I have always spent it with my dad's family. My Meme always makes homemade spaghetti sauce with homemade meatballs. It is what she is famous for. Our family would all gather at my grandparents house with friends who had no where to go on Christmas Eve and enjoy Meme's spaghetti. After dinner, we would all walk down the street to a neighbors for dessert. I remember as a kid looking up in the sky being convinced that every light from a airplane was Santa sleigh. Those nights were always so magical and that is what I love most about them.

Over the years much has changed for our family. My grandparents have since moved from that neighborhood and several family members are no longer with us. The friends who once had dinner with us now are long gone also. But no matter what changes have occurred, our family still gathers on Christmas Eve to have the famous spaghetti dinner. Luckily, I have been passed the tradition. Since DW and I have been married, I have have had the honor of hosting the Christmas Eve dinner. Our group has once again grown since we include DW's family in the tradition. Of course, Meme still helps with the making of the spaghetti. I mostly just roll the meatballs out (150 this year). Tonight at six o'clock, our two families will gather to continue on a tradition on a night that to me is still just as magical as it was when I was a kid.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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