Monday, December 8, 2008


We 're back from a quick trip to Nashville this past weekend. My sister Liz and her finance Mike got married this past Friday! We left early, early Friday morning to pick up my Grandparents and head up to Mount Juliet, TN (a suburb of Nashville). We had a nice ride up there with the Grandparents and arrived in Mt. Juliet around 10am.

We hung out at my mom and John's house until time to head to the wedding. Due to several factors, they decided to just head to the JP with their close family and friends. The joke was to not let others out and go to park the car, cause you just might miss the wedding. Of course, I almost missed it because I was in the restroom. It was short and sweet, but of course beautiful as always when you watch two people bring their lives together as one. Their were a few watery eyes in the house and of course I was one of them. I think I've cried at every wedding I've been to.

The group then headed to Logan's Roadhouse to celebrate with lunch. It was great getting to know Mikes family and finally being able to put faces with names. They were great and we had a great lunch. Friday night after spending time with John and mom, DW and I headed over to Mike & Liz's new place. It was super cute and they've done a great job decorating in just the one week they've been there. It did really put me in the mood to want my own house again. I can't wait for January to come. We can't wait to go up there and stay at their new house. We're already planning a March trip up there. The newlyweds then took us to a new place to eat, Cheddars, and to see Christmas lights. We had a great time hanging out with them like always.

Saturday afternoon, John and mom hosted a reception for the newlyweds at their house. The house was packed with family and friends from both sides. It was good to see family we hadn't seen in awhile. The food was excellent and we left stuffed. We had to run out at 4:30 cause we had a long drive home. It was a short trip, but the grandparents needed to get back home to my great-grandfather Pop, at 87, he cannot stay too long by himself which is understandable.

I didn't get many pictures. I took a few at the wedding that I will try to get posted later. I hope the newlyweds are having a great time on their Honeymoon this week and I pray they have a safe trip back. Thank you John and mom for the hotel room. It was extremely nice.

Sunday DW had off to finish out his last few days of vacation he has this year. You use them or lose them at the Waffle, so he decided to use them for the weekend. We were lazy all day. We had to recuperate from our fast action weekend. We enjoyed a day of nothing for once. It was our last day of rest before the holiday rush.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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