Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Update...

First off, I haven't done Not Me Mondays in a few weeks because I've been so good lately I just don't have anything I haven't seriously I haven't done anything I thought worth writing and posting. Maybe next week...

We had our first normal weekend in seriously three years, so needless to say I was stoked and of course enjoyed every minute with my lovely husband who I haven't seen the last four months due to his new j0b.

Since DW didn't have to go back as usual on Friday night, we stayed home, ate leftover pizza and watched movies with a fire going in the was my kinda heaven (only we would be in our own house and wouldn't have others sitting day soon).

Saturday morning we had a plan to get as much shopping done as we could before the crowds got to bad...I must say we did pretty good. We headed off to the IHOP for breakfast with DW's dad, and then the three off us headed off. Of course, in my true style, I had it all planned out to which stores we needed to hit and when. To make it a short story...DW's dad got all his shopping done and I finished up all of mine but two people by 10:30 Saturday morning and we hit up six different stores in a matter of two hours. The guys were rather impressed with my skills. They had already figured I had planned on a whole morning of shopping...I showed them. Plus, I didn't want to drag around two guys that hate shopping all morning and listen to them complain.

Saturday afternoon we headed off to my Grandma's to celebrate her birthday. She got some beautiful stuff. Evidently all her friends know that she loves anything that comes from the Cracker Barrel gift store, she got some beautiful things. I have pictures but I have loaded them onto the computer. I will post soon.

Saturday night we headed over to the Pope's for a Christmas Dinner with Friends. We had a blast! The food was delicious! Nicole's lasagna was excellent and Sheena's little tart things were so yummy (the one's sent home with us were gone that night). We had a great time like always with that group. I didn't get any pictures, but of course the Pope's did, so you can check them out over there. We did have great time and hope maybe one day soon we can have everyone over to our own house for dinner!

Sunday we decided we were going to have a relaxing day. We decided to get up and go driving around the area we're looking to move. We thought maybe we would have better luck finding houses to rent by driving around. Not so much...we only found three...

Potential house #1 was a scary old house that looked like no one but ghost had lived in for the past 100 years. I love old houses, but this one looked out of a horror movie. Only thing new on it was the front door, which probably had to be replaced when the old tenants busted it down trying to run from the ghost inside. Even DW said it was a little scary for him.

Potential house #2 looked as though it was sitting in the middle of a landfill and we seriously had to drive by twice because I could have sworn it looked as though the house had a condemned sign not for rent sign on it. Needless to say we didn't even write the number to call.

Potential house #3 was a half (yes, I said half) of a double wide trailer that had a built on apartment/garage thingy (i guess that is what you would call it) on the side. What's even better...someone lived in the apartment side. I told DW that if I was going to do that I rather stay here because I wanted to know who was living in my garage. We just kept driving.

So,after another frustrating day of house hunting, we've decided to put it on hold till after the new year. DW is going to be super busy with work till the beginning of the year, I'm going out of town, and we have tons of Christmas stuff between now and then. Maybe there will be more houses available in the area we like or maybe even dude will call us back on the we like and keep trying to go see. I've never heard of someone trying to rent a house who's too busy to show it. And yes, I know it's still for rent because I ride by there on a regular basis and it's still sitting there with the rent sign in the yard. Who knows...he must not like us.

We returned home Sunday afternoon after a productive day of house hunting to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's lose to the Falcons. Needless to say the hubby wasn't in the best of moods by then. He recovered and a few naps were taken to finish out our normal weekend. Now it's back to finals for me and work for DW. Tomorrow night is the Waffle House Managers Christmas Dinner so I am sure I will have some stories to share.


The Popes said...

I-Hop?!? How dare you!!!

The Popes said...

And I was just this minute informed of the Manager's thing tomorrow night. I AM SO GLAD YOU WILL BE THERE!!