Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our New Place

As promised, here are some pictures of our what we like to call "Our New York City Apartment."
400 sq. feet of Bliss...

~Front Door/Mudroom~

~Home Office~

~Master Bedroom~

~Dressing Room~
(Please Excuse the white dresser my goal is to get it painted to match by the end of the year)


~Living Room~

~Living Room~
(Please excuse the sheet on the white chair. Buddy has taken a liking to it and I was too lazy to take it off for pictures.)

So, this is our new dwelling. Not my dream to decorated. Yes, I have already rearranged a few times, but there is only so much you can do with fours walls. I have been successful in already rearranging the living room & the den in the main part of the house. Something I have been dying to do even before we lived here. So, I am still able to feed the need to rearrange everything. But, for now this will do. Our goal is to be in our own house in less than two years, depending on when I graduate.

I should be thankful though, people in New York City pay millions for this much square footage.


The Popes said...

I love it! You're so good at decorating. Now I need to buy curtains, nightstands, AND a new purse! Andrew's going to ban me from reading your blog!

Tami W said...

You have always been so good at decorating. And you always have moved around everything. I love you!