Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

Three blogs in one day. It is a little much but I couldn't resist any longer. So, I've been reading several blogs that participate in Not Me Mondays and I can't resist to join in the fun. So here we go...

I did not go to Target last week and spend $50 on clothing. Not only did I not purchase the clothing, I did not put the purchase on my credit card because I knew that my husband would not approve. I did not do this because I know that we are saving money and paying off our credit card debt. I would never do this because I am committed to our goal of paying everything off.

And not only did I not make purchases at target that I did not need to make, I definitely did not bring those clothes home, cut off the tags, and hide them in the closet so my husband would not find them. I would never do that because that is lying and I would never lie to my husband about my shopping habits.

I did not silently celebrate when the annoying girl who asks annoying stupid questions (yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question), and who sits next to me in my Family Law class did not show up again for the third day in a row. I did not do that because that is just mean and I have no clue what is going on in her life for why she couldn't make it or had to drop it. It would be mean to hope that she had to drop the class. I did not do that because I'm trying to be a nice person and nice people don't have thoughts like that.

I did not get mad when I asked my cousin to meet me for dinner and she turned me down because she had too much to do for school. Because I did not get mad at her, I did not then send her a short and rude text. I would never do that because that is not what a good friend does. I would never do that to her even though I had not seen her in almost two weeks.

I did not use my time unwisely on the days I had night classes. I did not sit and read the blogs that I am addicted to for hours those days. Instead, I spent my time studying and completing my assignments for my online class and not waiting till the last minute to turn them in. I did not put off my school work because it is something I have been working hard for and something I want. I would never beg my husband to let me quit my job so I could devote my time to school and then sit and not do my school work.

I did not stay up till two in the morning one weekend night so I could watch the 17 kids and Counting mini-marathon that didn't start till 11pm. I did not do that because I need my sleep and would never deprive my self of sleep just so I could watch television.

I did not sit around the house all weekend and do absolutely nothing but be lazy and watch television. I would never not step foot out of the house for almost 72 hours because that's just sad. I would not then be hard on myself if I were to do that because sometimes it just happens.

So that is what I did not do last week. I feel better now :)


The Popes said...

HA! Look out, the blog world is addicting and eats all your time!!

The Popes said...

Oh, and I NEVER hide my purchases from Andrew! How COULD you!?!

The Popes said...

Sorry, but I don't have an email for you! We want to get some friends together to go up to Dave and Buster's for Andrew's birthday on Nov. 21st. Any chance you guys could come????