Monday, June 15, 2009

Day: One

Today was my first full day as a stay at home (soon-to-be) mom. It wasn't that exciting. In fact, I was pretty bored at certain points in the day. I went outside with the dogs one time and all I could think of was how I cannot wait till I can take Olivia outside to play. But I'm not going to rush her. Plus, for some reason the morning sickness decided to strike again. I haven't been sick in over a month so it kinda took me by surprise. A great way to start a Monday.

I did make it to the library. It was my first time going to the library in our new town and I must say that I was impressed. They have a much better & bigger selection than our old library which is sad because it was located in a town with double the population. I am planning on making it a weekly stop. I'm starting with the Barbra Walters Memoir: Auditions. It's pretty interesting so far.

Tomorrow I am going to finally go register for Olivia. So, you can all get off my back now. My mother-in-law is going with me to help me out. I refuse to take David. He had the attention span of a gnat when it comes to shopping and he would just drive me crazy.

So tomorrow should be a better day. I know things will get better. I just need to get into a routine. Of course, by the time I get into a routine, Olivia will be here to throw it all off.


The Popes said...

I get so bored if I don't plan at least a little something to do! And I have a kid here and it's still boring at times!

But your house will be spotless and you'll find a hobby that you love!

kristen said...

I got the Barbara Walters book for Easter from my in-laws and am about to start reading it. It looks really interesting!