Monday, June 29, 2009

The Weekend Update

We had a busy weekend in the Mabrey household. David was off on Saturday and Sunday (gasp!) so we got to have a normal weekend for once.

Saturday we got up early and went and ate at the waffle house. Sad, I know. We were actually visiting a different waffle house to see someone who was trying out the waffle house thing for a weekend. After a nice breakfast, we headed out to the flea market in town but did not find anything that caught our eye. We decided to go ahead and head to Fayetteville because we were meeting up with Aubry for a movie.

While waiting on her, we ran into Target to check on something for Olivia. While in the baby section, a white crib caught my eye and it had a big orange sticker on it. Target fans know what that means. We studied it for a minute and decided we liked it. Luckily, there was one left. So we jumped n it. Technically, I sat on it while David went to find a cart it would fit on. The crib was originally $180 and since it was on clearance, we got it for $120. We got it for $100 less than we had originally budgeted. So that means more money for decorating!!! It was really a huge relief. I have been looking and fretting over cribs for a while now. I couldn't make up my mind and it seemed all the ones I really liked had bad reviews. Even though it wasn't one we were originally looking at, we went for it because we couldn't pass up the price. I put it together Sunday and I Love It!!! It is actually exactly what I wanted and fits the room perfectly.

We then headed to see My Sister's Keeper. All I will say was if you read the book and loved it, you'll be shocked by the movie. It does not have the shocking end that the book has. Other than that is a good movie. Be prepared, it is very sad!!! I cried throughout the entire thing. It probably didn't help in the fact that I'm about to have a little girl. You've been warned...bring tissues.

Sunday, after David returned from his weekly golf game, we headed over to our friends the Castellanos to hang out at their pool. It was nice and hot. Due to the 90 degree weather we've had these past few weeks, the pool felt like a bath. But, that didn't stop us. We had a great time and enjoyed the leftovers from the catering event they had the night before. Sheena (who is due 10 weeks after I) exchanged a few ideas for baby rooms. Even though she is having a little boy, she gave me a couple of cute ideas I'm going to try to do for Olivia's room.

After we left their house, we were supposed to head over to David's parents to see them. We were both so tired from a busy weekend and a big lack of sleep the night before, we decided to cancel and head home instead. We crashed when we got home. I guess that is how you know it's been a good weekend.

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