Thursday, June 25, 2009


Only two people know my goal right now. I was afraid to put it out there in case I didn't succeed. So I'm probably a little bold for putting this on here, but I figured it would push me harder to reach my goal if more people know about it.

I have already decided what my goal for 2010 is going to be....I want to run in the 2010 Peachtree Road Race. If you live in Georgia or the Southeast, most everyone knows what the Peachtree Road Race is. But if not, it is the largest 10K in the country and is ran every year on the 4th of July. Over 55,000 people will be running in this race this year. Over 10,000 applications were turned down. People travel from all over to run in this race. Usually the winners are from Kenya or some other African country that specializes in long distance running. So, needless to say, it is a big deal around here.

I have talked for years about wanting to do this. I figured after spending 2009 pregnant, it would give me motivation to finally do it next year. A little known fact about me, I grew up running. Both of my parents ran track in high school and they put me on a local track team when I was pretty young. I ran track all the way through my junior year of high school. Of course after high school, I stopped. It is something I have talked about years picking back up, but just have never had the motivation to do. Now, I finally feel like I have the motivation to do it.

I have already been searching around for training programs and I have the goal to run in my first 5K in the end of November (two months after Olivia is born). I have picked out at least one race a month till July 2010 to run in. Plus right now, I have still been keeping up with my walking a few times of week. Of course the biggest challenge will be to actually make myself train, but it will also be a challenge just to register for the race. Like I said, ten thousand people were turned down this year. Sign ups are in March or April so I am going to have to be on the ball around then. Honestly, my biggest fear is not getting into the race, not actually training for it.

Plus, this lady is some major motivation.

She is a mom of sextuplets and has a new television show on WE Tv. She almost lost her life while giving birth to her six babies and vowed she was going to run a marathon before her children turned one. Of course, she succeeded. If she can train to run 26 miles with 6 babies, then I should be able to train for 6 miles with one. She is major inspiration to me.

So, after Olivia is born, no more excuses for me. I'm going to finally do it next year.

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Elizabeth said...

Way to go, girly! You can totally do it. Like my motivational signs around the house reads.."if you got time to got time to run!" I so wish I could train with you!!