Monday, January 25, 2010

Missing Blogger Found

Hi, my name is Amber and I'm a bad blogger.

It's been over a week.

That's just sad.

Even the hubby was giving me a hard time tonight about not updating the blog.

Well, all I really have to say is that we've been busy this past week and I hate to tell you that it's not going to get much better this week.

The new house remodel has been in full swing this past week. Tomorrow the work will be officially done and we are then allowed to move in whenever. Technically, we could have moved in while the work was being done, but #1 that would have just been a pain in the butt and #2 it might have been a little awkward living with the Mexicans all week because they didn't speak a lick of English and I don't speak a lick of Spanish. The big move is this weekend and I cannot wait!!!! I've pretty much got everything packed and we've been eating off paper plates the past few days which is nothing new in this household.

We had a girls day last Friday and it was sooooo much needed. If you missed Nicole's update about my clubbing cardigan you can find that here. I've decided that I cannot live with out my girls nights. They are my favorite night of the month. Nicole, Amy, and I went shopping all day before we met the rest of the group for dinner that night, I was gone a full 12 hours and did not once call to check on my baby. I believe that just goes to show how much I needed the day off and for the record, she was with her Nana and I knew she was fine. Her Nana would have called if it was needed. Once again, if you don't have a girl's day/night, get one ASAP.

Speaking of Olivia Kate, we've ventured into cereal and fruit. I know some people are freaking out reading this since she's only about to be four months old, but a couple of people (whose opinions I greatly value) suggested they thought she might be ready for cereal. At fourteen weeks, we started with the cereal and she was having none of it. I thought she wasn't ready so I slacked off with it. Then two different people gave me the same idea of mixing applesauce with it. I tired it and she LOVED it! After two weeks of applesauce, we've ventured into bananas this week and she's loving them even more than the applesauce. I tell her she's my little monkey.

Well, that's all I got. We've been busy, but with nothing exciting it seems. David has his first two whole days off since before Christmas today and tomorrow, so Olivia and I are enjoying spending time with him. Tonight we're settled in watching our favorite line up of a little Antiques Roadshow, followed by the new show on The History Channel called American Pickers, and then our new favorite Pawn Stars.

I told y'all we were dorks.

Oh and I'm enjoying a dixie cup full of my boxed wine.

Now, we just sound like dorky rednecks.

Keeping it real.

There most likely will not be too much more blogging for the remainder of the week. The internet/cable people are supposed to be there Friday to hook up the internet and cable, so hopefully there won't be too much of a break in the blogging. The hubby always makes sure to have those cut on before we move in anywhere. Gotta have your priorities in order, right?

Have a great one!


Jennifer said...

Wine out dixie cups and Pawn stars....I had to laugh. (o:

We started Tommy out on cereal and baby food at 4 months too. When they're ready, they're ready. (o:

Can't wait to see the move into the new house - have fun. Moving is so much work!!

Tami W said...

Love the new pictures..Can't wait to see the two of you. And David! Love you, Mom

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Mimay35 (^_^) said...

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Very pretty or beautiful, Love the new pictures..Can't wait to see the two of you. And David! Kongregate Miniclip Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Cute and precious baby;)

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