Friday, March 13, 2009

Books, Books, and more Books...

This past weekend I sent Aubry a text and told her I couldn't take it anymore...I had to get my books out of their boxes. That sent us on a trip to Ikea Tuesday night in hunt for a new bookshelf. During the move, our old bookshelves were not tied down properly and had heavy wind damage. Unfortunately they could not be salvaged. Needless to say, I was pretty mad about it.

When I decided that I was going to not unpack everything, I had included books in that group. I couldn't help it though...I love books. I collect books. I cannot have enough books. My books for some reason provide comfort for me. I love having them around. Many times I will just pick up a book, read a few pages, and never pick it up again. I have no idea how many books I actually have. I never get rid of any and I buy a new book every time I walk into a bookstore. One day I will have a library in my house that has nothing but shelves of books and a few comfy chairs.

So we ventured to Ikea and I bought a new bookcase. Now I feel better because all the books are out and in view.

Only thing is that I might have needed to have bought the bigger size...I still have a few boxes that have yet to be unpacked.

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kristen said...

Ok, so first of all, I am mad that y'all did not call and you were like 5 minutes from my house!!! We have that same bookcase, but the larger size (5x5), and it is overflowing. We need another, but we have no more room. I have 2 plastic containers full of books in the basement that would not fit on my shelf. It is a wonderful shelf, however, so nice choice!