Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Pics of Baby Mabes

We went to see the specialist this morning and had nothing but good news. The best thing about the specialist is that they only schedule one patient at a time so we had plenty of time to watch the baby on the ultrasound machine. We got to watch the baby for a good ten minutes on the ultrasound machine. The baby measures normal for all the test they were performing the ultrasound for. I also had blood taken again for a Down Syndrome test, but this is just a normal procedure when you go to see a specialist. They said the baby looked good and they for now have no worries.

The baby was once again in perfect position for pictures and test. We got several pictures and the ultrasound tech pointed out all the limbs, heart, etc. The best part was that the baby keep moving around. It was so neat to watch it move around, especially since I cannot feel anything yet. At one point the baby raised it's arm several times. It looked as though it was hitting the top of my stomach telling us to leave it alone. It was cute. The baby was also moving it's mouth like it was talking and every time it did, it blew bubbles. It was really just swallowing fluid which is normal, but we like to think it was trying to talk to us. It is also weighing in at a grand 3 ounces and it's heart beat was still going strong.

We go back to see the specialist on April 22nd. If everything is looking good it will probably be my last time to see the specialist. Hopefully the baby will be in perfect position again and we can find out the gender. I can't wait!

We couldn't believe how much the baby has grown in just a few weeks.

A close up of the head. We could see the lips, ears, and nose. It was precious!

This is when the baby decided to move. Evidently we were bothering Baby Mabes.

This is when the baby was talking. We could actually see the mouth open and shutting. It was amazing! The white cloud above the head is the baby blowing bubbles. We told the ultrasound tech it may have been taking a smoke break. I know we're sick.

I am so in love already.

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The Popes said...

Holy Sweetness!

Sometimes I forget that you actually have a human being growing inside of you! So amazing!

I don't know if I can wait until the end of April to find out if Baby Mabes is a Mr. Baby Mabes or Miss Baby Mabes!