Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can the guy catch a break?

Poor David...when it has come to his birthday this year, he cannot seem to catch a break. We went to the aquarium and we weren't too impressed. Then on his actual birthday he had a crazy day and I had to work and class so we didn't really get to do anything to celebrate on the actual day. Then on Thursday I found out my birthday gift to him was canceled. He is a huge Robin Williams fan and I had bought him tickets to see his comedy show. Due to heart surgery, all of his shows have been canceled. Now I am fighting with Ticketmaster to get a refund. They are postponing the show till fall, but we are going to have a crazy fall so we decided to get a refund. Getting a refund from Ticketmaster when you have bought the tickets online is a pain in the butt. Then today, David decided that he wanted to buy a surround sound system for the tv with his birthday money. He has been looking at them for months and finally decided which one he wanted to buy. He has been to three stores and they are all sold out of the one he wants.

Poor David. I feel bad. We're celebrating his birthday with the family this weekend. I hope this isn't a preview for this weekend.

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