Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday David!!! Today is my hubby’s 27th birthday. He is old!!! It didn’t occur to him that he is going to be old till a few days ago. We had the realization that we are in our late 20’s now. We can no longer say that we’re in our mid 20’s. I don’t know why but that just makes us feel old.

I have evidently caused a little confusion by my facebook status. Today is David’s actual birthday, but we were both off yesterday so we decided to go ahead and celebrate. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I did pass them along to him. I had came up with the plan to finally make a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. We are probably the only people in the state of Georgia that had not yet been to the aquarium and for the past four years all I have heard is how wonderful it is. They had a Titanic Exhibit that I have been wanting to see for awhile and it was only here for a few more months. So, I had figured he would enjoy the fish and I would enjoy the Titanic exhibit.

Overall, we were actually kind of disappointed with the aquarium. I thought it would be bigger. Especially since its claim was that it was one of the largest aquariums in the world. I thought the Tennessee Aquarium was much better. I prefer the setup of the Tennessee Aquarium and it seemed to me they had more fish. The Georgia Aquarium claims it has more fish than other aquariums, but it seemed that they had a lot of fish crammed into a few tanks. Plus, several of the exhibits were closed. Two of my personal favorites, the penguins and the otters were closed for remodel. The penguins were on vacation it said. What? How do penguins need a vacation? I didn't get it. Reality it was just closed for remodel, but how can it be closed for remodel when it just opened four years ago? Anyhoo…I was rather disappointed with the aquarium part.

We did decide to pay the extra few bucks to get into the titanic exhibit. The Titanic exhibit was pretty interesting. Evidently not many people were into paying the extra few bucks, so we were the only two in there the majority of our time there. There were hundreds of artifacts that were recovered from the wreckage that have never been on display before. Plus, they had a replica of an iceberg that you could touch that gave you the idea of how cold the water was. It was freezing and the actual water that night was even colder. It is amazing that anyone survived. When you first walk in they give you a boarding pass that has the identity of a actual passenger on the ship. My passenger was a 24 year old girl who was newly married and pregnant with her first child (crazy?). At the end of the exhibit they had a list of all the passengers on board and you could look to see if you survived the wreck. Unfortunately, when we got to the end we looked at the list for a few minutes and didn’t look to see if we survived. We were both second class passengers and it looked as though our chances were 50/50 of survival. I of course having better odds being a woman. The Titanic exhibit completely made up for the rest of the aquarium. I would recommend it if your into those kind of things. They didn’t allow photography in the exhibit so I don’t have any cool pictures.

We ended our night with dinner with our friends the Pope’s. We hadn’t seen them in forever since they spent a month in Arizona. So, we were excited to see them. We had a good time as always and a delicious dinner with yummy dessert. We think Josie might even be okay with David now. When we left she gave him a hug and a kiss. That is a big step for those two…we were starting to think she would never like him. Plus, some friends of ours welcomed a baby girl into the world yesterday afternoon. Congrats Amy , Scott, and big brother Luke! We're so happy for you guys!


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, David!! Glad you two had fun...we went through an exibit on the honeymoon about the Titanic. It had where you could dip your hand in a thing of water that was as cold as it was that night. Craziness. I love things like that!!

The Glover Family said...

happy bday David

I agree about the aquarium

Amber, please ask David if he still plans to drive north on Mar 14th with Andrew to go caving with me on the Man Trip. I think that all of you girls (Amy, Nic, Tiff, you) will be hanging while we are gone and talking about babies...ugh


kristen said...

Hey! I went a few months ago and was also disappointed that I didn't get to see the penguins and the otters, so I asked where they were and why they were remodeling already. Apparently the otters are gone for good, but you can still see the penguins on the behind the scenes tour. The remodeling is because they are adding dolphins that you can swim with like at Discovery Cove in Florida!