Tuesday, August 18, 2009

35 Weeks

I went for my 35 week checkup yesterday morning.

First off, I'm completely irritated with the office staff. I love my doctor, but the office staff is let's just say...special. For the second time in the last nine months, I showed up at the wrong office for my visit. Yes, the last time it happened, it was partly my fault. But this time, it was completely on their heads. At my last visit, the lady checked off on the back of the appointment card that I would being going to the north office which is an hour away from my house. I didn't question it since the last time I assumed that I wasn't supposed to go to that office, I was wrong. I showed up for my appointed time, sign in, and of course, the lady calls me up and says I'm at the wrong office. This time I had proof that they said I was supposed to be there. She seriously had the attitude that I had checked it off and I was in the wrong. She kept asking me why would they send you here when you normally go to the south office? I have no freaking clue lady. Why would I want to drive an hour away, when my regular office is only 30 minutes down the road? Please explain this to me office lady.

Anyways, of course that meant that my regular doctor couldn't see me and they would have to try to see if one of the doctor there that day could fit me in. I was so fed up, I just had to sit down in the waiting room and cry. Thankfully, David was with me this time. He held my hand and tried to act pissed off for my sake.

I guess the good thing that came out of it was that I got to meet the nurse practitioner that will be taking care of me post-postpartum. She was really sweet and answered the few questions I had. The other good news was that Olivia Kate is in the head-down and ready to go position. She said that she could feel her head was already in my pelvis or as she put it "that's definitely a head." So, no more worries about that. OK is measuring at around 5lbs. so if she continues at the same rate, she will not be as big as they were originally afraid of. Let's pray she continues on the path of her mommy. I was only a 6lb. baby and her daddy was 9lb 12oz. baby. My tummy also measured at exactly 35 weeks. My blood pressure was great and Olivia's heart beat was 155.

So right now, we are still on track for September 21, unless she decides to come before that. Now we just sit and wait.


Kameron said...

At my midwife's old office the front desk staff were so bitchy! They were not people oriented and, duh, you need to be for that job. I'm just glad she changed practices this time around. Yeah for head down!

Elizabeth said...

YAYYYY for good news! :) Love you!