Monday, August 17, 2009

The Weekend

I'm lacking in the blogging department. I haven't been in the mood to write or even read blogs lately. Sorry. I guess my blogging issues from the week before made me realize I can live without. Maybe it will come back to me soon. One reason may be that I have actually been busy lately. I know, it's a shocker...

Last Wednesday, I went up to the big city (Atlanta) and visited the Margret Mitchell Museum (the author of Gone With The Wind). Yes, I went by myself. This has shocked a lot of people for some reason. I was tired of sitting around the house and decided to head up there since it was something I've always wanted to do. Why wait on someone to go with me? Also, I wasn't the only one person party in our tour group. So quit looking at me like I'm crazy people when I say I went by myself. Thanks. Anyways...the tour sucked...I was very unimpressed...I even considered asking for a refund of my $12 admission when I got done....Seriously.

On Friday we had a double date night with the Pope's. We decided to try out a local restaurant, called J. Henry's. We were pretty impressed with the place. It had a nice, grown up atmosphere. It wasn't necessary romantic, but it was nicer than say Applebee's. Even though there were issues with my food, everyone's looked and tasted great. Plus, the manager went over and beyond in trying to rectify the problem with my food (it took forever to get and then when I did get it, it was cold) and I didn't even have to throw a pregnant lady fit. She didn't charge was for my meal and she threw in a free dessert. It was delicious!!! I would go back for the dessert alone. I highly recommend it to anyone in our area. After dinner, the plan was to head back to our house and watch a movie. We ended up just spending the next two and half hours talking. And we have to give our guys props because they did not talk about waffle house once the entire night. Seriously, it was a first.

I meant to get a picture of us together, but I forgot. I did however take a picture of David since he dressed up. I want proof for Olivia Kate that her daddy doesn't only wear black and gray.
Yes, his eyes are closed. But that was the best he could do out of three takes. Poor Olivia doesn't stand a chance when it comes to pictures. We both cannot keep our eyes open.

And just because I was having a good hair night.

On Saturday, Aubry and I headed out to take the Historic Jonesboro Tour. This is the town we grew up in and it is the hometown for Gone With The Wind. Before y'all think I'm crazy for hitting up two Gone With The Wind attractions in one week, it just happened to work out that way. This was something Aubry and I had been planning for awhile. We did a driving tour of the town and then the GWTW Museum in the old train depot. It was actually kinda fun because we grew up in this town and there were a lot of things we didn't know about the history of the town. Our tour guide was about 100 years old, but he was pretty funny and he loved the fact that Aubry and I were from the area. The other couple on the tour was from Baltimore and the wife was a huge GWTW fan and they were there on their Summer vacation. That to me is crazy obsessed. We had a good time and were impressed with the tour and the museum. It was well worth the $12 we paid.

Oh yeah...Aubs finally has found her a man. He's the ultimate Southern Gentleman.


kristen said...

You were one block from my house! And I was at home, doing nothing. I could have told you the tour sucked, but it is one of those things that you would always wonder about if you didn't go on the tour.

Kameron said...

It seems the going rate for all things GWTW is $12! :o) I hear you and sometimes have nothing to say either. It doesn't help when you are in the final, uncomfortable, I'm ready to have this baby outta me phase. I feel like I am about to move into that period. I'm just starting to get uncomfortable and know the things that will be coming. Only 5 more weeks for you!! Yipee!

The Popes said...

Who comes to JONESBORO for vacation?!?!?

Andrew better not try to pull that one on me!

Elizabeth said...

How neat! Sounds like a fun day to me! :)

And yes...your hair did look A....MAZING! :)

Laura said...

I love Gone with the Wind!! Looks like you girls had a lot of fun! Aubry looks really cute in the pic with her new man;)