Friday, August 28, 2009

Almost there

The other night the hubby came home and told me he saw a little girl at work that reminded him of Olivia.

Um...okay...I of course had to laugh at this. I asked him how can someone remind you of someone you've never seen?

He didn't know, she just reminded him of our soon-to-be-here baby girl. Maybe the little girl was dressed like a pirate?
Anyways...okay, if you say so.

If you haven't noticed the ticker to the right, we are in the home stretch now. I am officially 9 months pregnant and we have less than four weeks to go. I am so ready for this baby to come, but it is still hard to believe that she could be here any day now. I cannot wait to meet her! Plus, I'm so tired of being pregnant.

David is getting nervous about her arrival. He says that is nervous about "the call." The call of me saying "I'm in labor." The other night we went to eat dinner in a town about thirty minutes away and he admitted that he was planning routes in his head to the quickest way to the hospital from there. Too cute. And kudos to him, he is now answering the phone every time I call. So hopefully there will be no problems of getting a hold of him when I do go into labor.


The Popes said...

Check out that new cameras pictures!!!

You are going to be such a cool mom. I can't wait to meet that little Belle!

Kameron said...

Ahh! I am so excited for you and your closeness to being done! My little girl is dancing in there as we speak, so maybe she is excited for you too!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys!Happy Friday!

Lyr said...

You are on the home stretch! I’m excited for the time that you and your hubby will be able to hold your little girl. Praying for you and the family! ;) I love the name Olivia too, so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo stinking excited!!!! I have a bunch more clothes to be boxed up that are 3-6 months. i dont know if you want them or not bc they are mainly summer but some of them you can layer. I will bring them over one day this week if you arent too busy and you can look through them before i give them away. let me know! BTW LOVE the new blog

Elizabeth said...

Awwhhh, that's the sweetest...:)

I still cannot believe how fast this has seems just yesterday I was getting the text message! Can't wait to meet her!