Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thing #479 you shouldn't say to a pregnant lady

Thing #479 you should not say to a pregnant lady...

If you see two pregnant ladies together, do not ask both how far along they are and then say that they look the same size. Especially, when one tells you she is 25 weeks and the other tells you she is 35 weeks. One is carrying a 2lb. baby and the other a 5lb. baby. They do not look the same people.

It's rude.

Keep your mouths shut people.

*Sheena, you do not look no where near the same size that I do. That lady needed glasses.*


Tristan said...


I just say due in Jan. and leave them

thanks for the prayers!

Lyr said...

I had to laugh SO LOUD when I read this because you are right... People are so RUDE!!!

Next time... kick them! What is up with you and getting all the random rude comments about your pregnancy!! :)

Anonymous said...

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