Sunday, August 2, 2009


The comment was made that I was "nesting on my blog"....nope, that's just me being me. I'm one of the few people that will admit I crave change. The hubby always laughs and says it's amazing I've even kept him around as long as I have. He's the only thing that hasn't been "changed" in my life these past ten years.

Those who know me in the real world know that every time you come to my house, you never know what your going to find since I am notorious for rearranging everything. Even as a kid I would drag my furniture around my room to rearrange. We have yet to figure where I get this from. No one else in the family seems to have this problem. Plus, it is the reason why I haven't bought a customized blog layout. I know as soon as I buy one, I'll be tired of it and want something different. So, I just stick with the free stuff.

I have though been "nesting" around the house. Saturday I went on a rampage with cleaning the house. I then tackled all the baby stuff that was given to us or we bought at yard sales. I took everything down to the bones, sanitized the crap out of it (especially the stuff from the yard sale, who knows where it lived before our house), and washed what could be washed. Everything is now ready to go. We had bought an extra car seat at a yard sale for David's car and I wasn't too sure about it because it was looking pretty nasty and I told David the other day I wasn't going to put my baby girl in that. After I stripped it to nothing and spent an hour cleaning it (I even cleaned the little nooks with a q-tip), it looks pretty good now. I gave him the go ahead to put it in his car.

We are now officially ready for our baby girls arrival. The hospital bag is packed and ready to go. There is a list on the fridge of last minute things to grab before we head out and the car seat is in the car. Now we're just waiting......


Kameron said...

That is funny. My mom was the same way. I'd come home from school to fing the livingroom rearranged all the time. My mom was 5'5 and 115 pounds. How she managed to move the couches was beyond me! Well, whether you're nesting on your blog or not, it looks cute!

Oh, and I am doing the same thing to any baby stuff that wasn't bought new. :o)

Jen said...

It;s like we were separated at birth! I too crave change (which is why I make my own blog layouts). Haha! I always rearranged my room as a kid and I do it in my house ALL the time. I can't help it. I love redecorating and re-organizing. I also change my purse weekly because I get sick of it. I think I have a problem... :-)

As for your baby-ready-ness...congrats! You are at an exciting point now. Having the house ready and the bag packed means she will literally be here before you know it!!!