Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me Monday

Today, My Charming Kids is doing Not My Child Monday, but since my child is still a perfect angel and I need a Not Me Monday, I'm going with that instead.

  • It was not me who had a birthday this past weekend.
  • It was not me who has decided that birthdays and I no longer get along. It seriously doesn't bother me to get older, but for some reason, birthdays put me in a bad mood. This has happened for the past two birthdays.
  • It was not me who decided to be in a bad mood all weekend which lead to three arguments with the hubby over the weekend. Two of the three which were completely argument over leftovers and one over an ugly birthday cake.
  • It was not me who pitched such a fit, that I made my hubby take back the ugly birthday cake.
  • It is not me who has decided that I'm giving up when it comes to my birthdays. For now on, it's just another day in my life.
It is me who is getting over it and moving on this week.


Lyr said...

ME too... ME TOO! I turned 27 on August 15th and HATED every moment. It's not that i turned 27... I just REALLY don't like birthdays! I think it's because the magic is done. Sorry Hun... I hope that the YEAR is better than the day! :)

Jen said...

Well first of all, happy belated birthday (unless you don't want to hear which case I take it back :) And just so you know, my hubby and I got in DAILY stupid arguments the last month of my pregnancy with Addie. Hormones babe...that's all we have to say. Blame the ugly birthday cake fiasco on hormones :-)

Lyr said...

Ha, ha! Two August “82” babies! Yay for US! Next year, how about we get together and celebrate… maybe then we won’t be so disappointed! Ha, j/k after you have your little one, you are more excited about their birthday then your own. Let’s just hope we have and AWESOME 30th! Not to rush it or anything… ;)