Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Wednesday

  • Yes, we did get some good news last week. Things are not back to 100%, but they have adjusted David's pay so we now have some extra to put in savings each month (and I get my weekly spending money again thank the lord!). Luckily, this is the last month we have to pay on the stupid dead Jeep and that is going to free up a couple extra hundred dollars each month also. I am planning on burning the stupid thing in our front yard when we pay it off. I've always hated that stupid car. Note to anyone...jeeps suck...don't ever buy one.
  • I didn't do a book review for July because I didn't finish anything I started to read. For some reason, I couldn't get into anything I picked up. Nicole says it's because I have too much on my mind. I started six different books and didn't finish a single one. I didn't think I should do a book review on books I never finished. But, I have finally finished one and working on my second for this month.
  • Have I mentioned I'm tired of being pregnant?
  • For some reason my days have been so off lately. I still know what day it is, it just always seems like it doesn't feel like that day. Like Sunday doesn't feel like a Sunday. Make any sense? I guess I have been out of work long enough to now be on David's strange schedule. They have eight days in their work weeks. It's crazy, I know?
  • It's now official, we have our next vacation planned for November. I'm excited because it will be Olivia's first time out-of-town. We're going to spend the weekend at my mom's to celebrate an early Thanksgiving dinner and then spend the rest of the week in the mountains with just the three of us. I can't wait!!!
  • I have been pigging out lately. Pregnant or not, I shouldn't be eating the crap I have been. I've started this week to start eating better. No I'm not doing it for weight issues, that's kinda out the door for now, but I need to start eating better in general. We were doing really good for awhile now but I think when the family came in town a couple of weeks ago, it threw us off. We have been eating out way to much lately. Plus, we are both going on a diet after the baby comes. So, I figured we can somewhat start now since we only have a few weeks till then.
  • I'm irritated with our old lady neighbors. Our yard people come every two weeks and they came last week. Both of the old lady neighbors on each side of us have decided to cut their yards on opposite weeks of us, so that makes their yards look nice and our yard look like it needs to be cut. I know you hate me Ms. Prescott....I haven't just figured out why yet.

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Elizabeth said...

Hey...what day are you and David coming in? The reason I ask is I am taking that week as my vacation...and I'm hoping Mike and I can go away for a few days for an early anniversary (that is if he can even get off at his new branch). Like come back Wed or Thursday...Can't wait to see ya'll! :)