Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blame it on the coffee....

So what's a girl to do to get out of her blah mood? Shopping was out of the question since I already blew that money, so I headed over to Nicole's to have some girl time. We didn't really have playgroup this week since we had some other stuff came up, so Amy and I just went over when the kiddos went down for nap. We were there for moral support while Nicole worked on Christmas dresses for our three girls. We're dressing them in matching dresses for our annual Christmas party...yes, we're that dorky.

As for the rest of the afternoon, we're going to blame it on the coffee and the fact that due to the weather, we've been shut up in the house for days now. On my way to Nicole's, I stopped at the racetrac gas station for coffee. This stuff is like crack. I've recently got Amy hooked on it and now have Nicole. It's good and it's cheap. You can score a 24oz. for $1.39 (and that includes tax). This stuff is like a drug for us. As Amy once said "Starbucks wasn't even doing anything for me anymore, this stuff is making me stutter." It's that strong. This stuff gets us pretty hyped up and ping off the walls after drinking it (Nicole made four dresses in less than two hours). It also makes us a little crazy.

It all started when we were talking about other blogs (nothing new there) and Nicole mentioned the post by Whitney at Glamorous Housewife where she measured her head and realized she had a big head. Well, Nicole had the tape measure out for sewing and yes, we measured our heads. Nicole was the winner with the biggest, followed by Amy and I with a tie. No, I didn't get pictures of us measuring our heads, but here's a few that describes the rest of our afternoon.

Why Amy and I shouldn't be in charge of buying the fabric...
"Do you think we got enough?"

The Fashionista...monkeys on her shirt, frogs on her tights, and white sandals after labor day

We found out Matalie likes older men...she was so flirting with my husband!

Naked Baby!!!

Olivia and her "Al Bundy" impression...

I love my friends.
Thanks for a fun afternoon!


The Popes said...

You forgot to mention Josie's smoothie on her head in her fashion shot!
God my kids a mess!

I needed yesterday. You guys are the greatest friend in the World.

Hopefully this will blow over and I won't have to move in with either of you.

David from RaceTrac said...

Thanks for the shoutout Amber! Look for some exciting developments around our coffee bar in your local RaceTrac in January that'll make your coffee even more delicious.

In the meantime, we'd like to help your dressmaking with some coupons. If you could send an email to with the subject line "Blogger Response" and include your address, we'll send a few free coffees your way.

RaceTrac Petroleum

The Popes said...


Is that for real?!?!

Kameron said...

Can't wait to see the Christmas dresses! Did you get the one I sent? I forgot to ask you.

Oh and it is funny, the word verification for my comment is koffie! :o)