Friday, November 20, 2009

Late Night Randomness...

  • I've seem to have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. I feel like I've had nothing to talk about lately. The ironic thing is I have been busier lately than I have been in awhile. Between play dates, dinners with friends & family, and the everyday house stuff, I've been going non stop. Yet, I feel like I have nothing to say. If you wanna know what we've been up to, head to Nicole's. She does a great job of posting about what we've been up too. If we're not home, we're usually at their house anyways.
  • We had a girl's night tonight and it was very much needed. We went and saw New Moon. I loved it, but the books will always be better. I cannot wait till Eclipse comes out next summer. If your not a twilight fan, it's worth paying the $10 to stare at Jacob the entire movie. Jacob is nice eye candy even if he's only 17.
  • Things with Olivia are getting much better. She seriously seemed like a different child when she hit the six week mark. Unfortunately, right now she has a upper respiratory infection. Even being sick, she's still in a pretty good mood. The plus side of her being under the weather is that she sleeps all the time. I've gotten more done in the last two days than I've done in the last two months. We have her on some meds to clear up the congestion and hopefully she'll be feeling better soon.
  • I'm dying to see The Blind Side. I cry every time I see the preview.
  • We have relatives coming from out of town for Thanksgiving and this will be their first time meeting Olivia in person. I cannot wait for them to meet her.
  • I'll admit to it....I've already put up our Christmas trees. Yes, I said trees. I'm one of those freaks who puts a tree in every room. I LOVE Christmas!!! It's my favorite time of year.

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The Popes said...

Maybe Jacob will be 18 when ECLIPSE comes out and you won't have to worry about going to prison!