Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is it just me?

Am I the only one who has a eight week old who only sleeps thirty minutes at a time?

Just wondering if I'm the only cursed one.


The Popes said...

I'll try my hardest to wear her out today so she'll sleep good for you!

Philip Ball said...

Hi Amber,

My name is Tara and I love reading your blog. You do a great job keeping up with it even with having a newborn! :) I stumbled across your blog because I know someone who knows someone who knows know how it goes one blog leads to the next. :)

Anyway all that so I could say that my husband and I were in the same boat when our daughter was born. We found that Dr. Karp's book worked best for us. It is called happiest baby on the block. He says that most newborns like two or three of what he calls the 5 S's. Sophia (our daughter) was a mover and a shaker. She wouldn't sleep for more than 30 min to an hour if she was in her crib but if we put her in her swing and set it going she would sleep for 3 hours. Okay so don't think I'm crazy for letting my daughter swing all night but it really did save my sanity. :) I just wanted to really reccommend the book you may find something that works for you in there.
Take Care and I'm sure people have said it before but it does get better. Sophia just turned 3 now and is such a fun and silly girl. :)