Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My husband just informed me that I haven't updated the blog. I guess he's had nothing to read. I figured I should let y'all know I'm still surviving. Surviving being the key word.

It seems that baby girl has a little case of colic...yes, I said that awful c-word. I wouldn't pray colic on any parent. I can only describe in two words...it sucks. Evenings are rough for us right now. From the hours of about 3-10pm she cries nonstop and nothing can be done to console her. Oh and unless you have some miracle cure for colic that no one has ever heard of...save your suggestions...we've tried pretty much everything. It seems it's just a stage we're going to have to wait for her to grow out of. Let's pray she grows soon.

Also, I'm told Olivia is not a normal baby. She hates being at home and she doesn't really nap during the day. She seriously hates being at home, which has done nothing but get me in trouble with the hubby for spending too much money. I'm either at a store, at the park, or at a friends. She loves to ride in anything that moves, the car, stroller, or a shopping cart. Luckily, she's fitting into our lifestyle since we're both always on the go. Plus, unless your holding her or she's in the car seat, she doesn't sleep during the day which doesn't help with the colic in the evenings.

With all that said, I can say that I'm so in love with her and no, I can't imagine life without her. It's crazy that she's only a month old and already how much of her own personality shines through. It's also funny to see the traits of each of us that she has. I do hate to say that the older she gets, the more she looks like David. I was hoping she would some what look like me. Oh, well...

We've been busy this past month and I should have a ton to post, but I haven't had the energy. One thing we did do this month was have Olivia's newborn pictures done. We're still waiting on the final pictures, but Tiffany went ahead and sent me a preview. I can't wait to get the final pics to share!!!

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Kameron said...

Again, I'm sorry that you have to deal with the colic. I really pray she passes quickly through this stage. Nate was the opposite of OK. He hated being in his car seat. He would scream mercilessly every time we had to be in the car. Since he never took a pacifier I would just have to listen to him scream the whole time we drove somewhere. It was awful. I spent most of his first 2 months at home for that reason.

Oh I am freaking myself out now....please baby girl be a quiet baby. I already have a loud, demanding toddler to deal with!