Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reason #578 & 579 why I love my husband...

This conversation took place in October 2009:

"I realized today that I was meant to be the father of girls."

me: "why?"

husband: " when you were in the shower, your mom asked me if I knew where your straightener was and the first thought that came in my head was...why? your wasting your time with the humidity like it is today."


baby crying

me: "did you check to see if she was wet?"

husband: "yeah, it was dry."

I go and feel her diaper and it's soaked.

me: "honey, she's soaked. How could you not tell she was wet?"

husband: "I felt the outside and it wasn't wet."

me: "honey, if the outside of her diaper is wet, we have bigger issues."

husband: "oh, I thought that's how you figured out they were wet."


Kameron said...

Love that he knows not to bother straightening in humidity!! My hubby would probably get that one right too since my hair is known to afro at the slightest bit of moisture!

The Popes said...

God Bless his little heart!

Jennifer said...

HAHA. Awesome!