Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby Help

Since this is my first child, I am trying to figure out what exactly we are going to need for the baby. I am going to really start preparing for Olivia when we get back from vacation in a few weeks. We are going to order her crib and I'm going to go register. There is a bunch of stuff that is available for babies now a days. I'm am trying to decide what we are really going to use and what we really need. I don't want to waste our money or other people's money on stuff that we are really never going to use.

Which leads me to a question? Do we really need a changing table? I am debating on whether or not to buy a changing table. Majority of our friends have kids and we've both noticed that they change their kids pretty much wherever....the floor, ottomans, beds, etc. Changing tables range from $100 and up. That $100 to me could be used for other nursery decorations or diapers.

So, I've considered registering for a diaper caddy instead and skipping on a changing table. Here is an example from babies r' us.
So what do you think? Could you not live without a changing table? Or do you think I can get by with a diaper caddy and whatever spot is around?


The Popes said...

I personally think they are a waste of space unless you are just using the top of a dresser or something.
The majority of the time you won't be in their room at changing time anyways.

The Glover Family said...

Depends. Where is the babys room? Is it close to your main living areas. Our kids rooms are right necx to our living room (small house) and so we found it very helpful on our backs.

If you have a big house and/or the babys room will be on another level (like Josie) then it probably is a waste of space (unless you plan to walk up and down stairs alot.)

Aaron and Sheena decided not to get one at first, then they changed their mind. It can be hard on your body with the little ones that first several months.

I would suggest getting an inexpensive one if the baby's room will be near the most traveled areas, otherwise it might be unnecessary (might).


Tami W said...

Jill found one for nothing at a 2 hand shop. But, I never had one. I wouldn't put a lot into it. I do love the diaper caddy.

The Popes said...

Hey girlie, what blog were you talking about last night?!?!?