Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things not to say....

One thing I've learned over the years is that my husband is a charmer. He always knows the right things to say. Over the years I've heard things such as...

"hey, thunder thighs!"


"those are what you would call childbearing hips."

Don't get me wrong, he doesn't say these things out of meanness. Those who know my husband know he couldn't be mean even if he tried. He just for some reason does not seem to get that women do not take it as a complement when you say they have childbearing hips.

Of course, now that I'm pregnant, he's learning there are things you do not say to a pregnant woman. Especially when she's stretched out on the exam table and not in a position to slap you. While at my OB appointment the other day, we are in the exam room by ourselves and I told him I gained three more pounds which puts me up to fifteen. He then proceeds to look at me and say "well, only 10 more to go." I give him a nasty look and reply "the doctor is giving me 20 more." His response...

"just because they give it to you doesn't mean you need to take it."

Then while stretched out on the exam table during the ultrasound and in front of the ultrasound tech, he looks down and says...

"hey look, your belly button is almost an outie now."

I gave him the biggest eat crap look I could and of course called his momma and told her what he said and he once again got a lecture on things not to say to a woman.

Thanks for the support honey, appreciate it.

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