Monday, May 18, 2009

A Southern Mystery

You may not know it, but I deserve wife of the year. For the past two years, I have been in search of a hunting club for the husband to join. What's a hunting club? Basically it's a bunch of land in which a group of people pay a fee to hunt on and do other guy things on. This group refers to themselves as a hunting club. It's kinda like a man room, but instead it's outside on 700 acres of land.

So, when I started working at my job two years ago, I learned of a popular hunting club that several of the guys at work were a member of. Well, I started lobbying (bugging) two years ago for my husband to get membership in this exclusive club in which only about 15 guys are members of. Yes, many other wives may think I am completely crazy to try to find a reason for my husband to spend time away from me. I love my husband more than anything and love spending time with him, but we also enjoy our time apart. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Moving on...well, Friday at work I finally got the question I have been waiting to hear the last two years. "We have two openings in the hunting club this year, is David still interested?" I probably scared them when I screamed "yes." I immediately sent David a text and he called before the text even went through. We arranged to meet my co-worker that evening down at the property so we could check it out before we committed completely. Membership can be pretty pricey, so we wanted to make sure what we were getting into before we gave up the money.

So to make a long story short, we go down there with my co-worker and his family. They are our age and have two small kids. His wife comes up their to have lunch with him every once and awhile and we're friends on facebook, so needless to say, I knew them pretty well. So naturally, we all decide to go out to dinner together after we left the property.

They take us to this off the beaten path catfish place on the river. At first I wonder where are they taking us because we turned down this dirt road and go a little ways to end up at this little restraunt. We sit down order and are waiting for our food to come when the waitress comes out and sets down a big plate of random stuff. It had a big bowl of tatar sauce, lemons, pickles, and raw onions. David is a very curious person and though we're big fish eaters, we don't eat catfish too often. So the first thing David asks is "what are the onions for?" The others, who eat there often, respond with a "we don't know. they always come like that."

David then ask the waitress. At first she just looks at him like he is crazy. Then of course she says he must not be from the south. Which of course isn't true, he's lived in Georgia his entire life. Then she tells him "that is the way catfish is served, with onions." David not being satisfied with this answer keeps on about it. She finally just looks at him and honestly says "I don't know, it's what everybody else does, so we do too." Obviously this is the first time the onions have been questioned becasue it completely threw our waitress off. Leave it up to David to be the one.

We leave the restraunt with the onion mystery still unsolved. Fastforward to Monday morning and this coworker and I are talking about Friday night in front of a few others. He starts laughing about David and the onions. So my boss says "onions are always served with catifish, you've never seen that before?" Well, obviously we've figured that much out. I responed "but why?" His response "they just always are."

So, the onion & catfish mystery is still remains unsolved. So if anyone knows why raw onions are always served with catfish, let me know. It seems to be a mystery to all.


The Popes said...

Probably to take up room on the plate!

I can't wait to meet Olivia. Have you got her bedding yet? I need to know the exact colors of her nursery. And what is your favorite color? (don't ask why, just answer my strange questions!)

The Popes said...

Oh, and let me know if your connection has a website or if she is interested in doing any signs for us!

Elizabeth said...

Ok...since I lovvvvee Google so much, I googled something along the lines of raw onions and catfish. Saw this link Bullwhip Days: The Slaves Remember: An Oral History. Try that...looks like it was a favorite food combination back in slavery days. :)