Monday, May 25, 2009

The weekend with no plans...

Friday at work I was asked the same weekly plans this weekend? For whatever reason I said nope. Well, our weekend with no plans ended up being nonstop.

Friday night Aubs and I decided to go out for dinner and a movie. Something we try to do every so often. We stopped by one of our favorite stores Serendipity so Aubs could pick up a graduation gift for her lil sister and you would be proud to know I picked up a purse, carried it around the whole store, and then put it back. I walked out without buying a thing. Go me! We then headed to dinner at our favorite pizza place American Pie. We started going there a couple of years ago and it has some how become our place (along with Chick-fil-a). We then went and saw Night at the Museum 2. It was cute and we were probably the oldest people in there with out a kid (outside of the womb). We went and sat in the center of the aisle. I didn't think about the fact that I can no longer wait two hours without jumping up and running to the bathroom. Of course I had to go as soon as the movie started. Next time I will make sure to sit on the end. Sorry to those I stepped all over running to the restroom.

Saturday morning I had time to catch up on my sleep. I am definitely taking every one's advice and getting as much sleep as I can right now. That evening, we headed over to David's parents for a graduation party for his little brother. His brother graduated with a history degree a couple of weeks ago. We got to spend a nice evening with the family. What's up next for little brother? he's off to graduate school.

Sunday morning has become my grocery shopping day. We only have a few places to shop in our little town. Because I'm lazy and I'm not one of those people who will drive to go to their favorite store...I shop at wal-mart. My favorite time to go is early Sunday mornings. If David is working at a store around here, I get up with him and go have breakfast with him and then head off to wal-mart for grocery shopping. I hate to admit but I hadn't been to the grocery store in three weeks. Needless to say our fridge was looking pretty sad and we had ate out for the past week straight. Sunday night we headed over to the Pope's to celebrate Amy's birthday with a cookout. We had a great time. The girls always seem to gather in one place and guys go off and do whatever guys do. This time in ended up in a full on football game. Several guys walked away with injuries. I was very proud that the husband thought enough to take off his nice polo shirt before they started, especially when they all walked in covered with mud. We had a great time. We always have fun with that group. No, I don't have any pictures but you can head over to Nicole's to get her thoughts on the night.

Since we stayed over at the Pope's way past our bed time Sunday, I slept in on Monday morning and took it easy while of course David worked. That afternoon we sung by to pick up the Pope's and headed to the O'Prys for a cookout. They had a ton of food which was all delicious! They had their whole family there so we were the odd balls of the group. Their family was all super sweet and made sure we all had plenty to eat. We were introduced to a game called donkey balls. They swear that is the name of the game. I evidently am a natural. Sorry, Nicole! The guys then continued on with the games while Nicole and I entertained Josie. One of the funniest parts of the evening was when Josie started calling David Elmo. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact he had a red shirt on.

After three cookouts in one weekend, I am pooped. We headed home a little early from the O'Prys so we could rest a little before the busy week ahead. Since we have a special project this week at work, I have to work a full day for the rest of the week. I'm not looking forward to it. Plus, do to the holiday weekend David is working eight straight and only gets one day off this week. I'm sure we will be crashing every night when we get home. We have another busy weekend ahead. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

Random side note...It has not stopped raining here for the past two weeks straight. I know we've been in a drought the past five years, but I am so sick of the rain!!! It rained the whole weekend. Is it ever going to end?

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Tami W said...

Did you get my facebook why I didn't call you back? Call me tomorrow when you can talk. Glad you had a good weekend. We did too! John liked the new ring. He loves how you feel about wanting people to know you are married. He said he was going to find you a shirt to wear to church and places that says "I am married" I told him I didn't think they made them. Love you!