Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It took nine months, but last Friday, I had the most awkward pregnancy conversation with a complete stranger.

I was heading up to my friend Sheena's to hang out by her pool for the afternoon. I decided to stop by Chick-fil-a and grab some lunch. I decided to go inside to eat, because I'll be honest, that way I could get a refill on my sweet tea (it's my addiction). I was sitting there enjoying my nuggets and waffle fries, when one of the girls who works there (I call her girl because she is younger than me) b-bops over to me. In a very excited young girl voice, she asks when I'm due. I had just put a nugget in my mouth, so I held up two fingers and then told her two weeks. That resulted in a shrieking "OMGosh" She then informs me she's due in six months and starts rolling questions out to me. This is the rest of the conversation...

chick-fil-a girl: "so, is it a boy or girl?"

me: "a little girl."

chick-fil-a girl: "OMGosh, what are you going to name her?"

me: "Olivia Kate."

chick-fil-a girl: "oh, how does the other person feel about that?"

me: "huh?"

chick-fil-a girl: (insert some type of hand motions) "how does the other person feel about that?"

me: "the other person? my husband?"

chick-fil-a girl: "yeah."

me: "feel about what?"

chick-fil-a girl: "the name?"

me: "um, he likes it."

chick-fil-a girl: "oh."

Let's just say it was the most awkward pregnancy conversation I've had to date.

For the record, I was nice and just congratulated her on her little bundle of joy, even though I personally hate her name choice for her baby.


The Popes said...

We are seriously getting old when we refer to teenagers as "b-bopping"!

Kameron said...

I'm glad that "the other person" likes the name you picked too. :o) WTH is wrong with people?? I swear teens get stupider and stupider. I would have never said that to someone even if I thought the name was horrid! Out of curiosity, what was the name she picked?

Lyr said...

You have got to write a book after the pregnancy! People are freaking ridiculous!!

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