Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday...

  • I decided that since so far, I haven't gotten what I wanted this week...ugh...I deserved a new purse. I headed to my most favorite store right now, TJ Max. I love that store. I can always find something there in any department. I have to stay out of there or it will definitely get me in trouble.
  • I have also come to terms that I have a serious addiction to purses. Luckily, I don't have an addiction to expensive purses. I change too often to spend that much money on a purse. I have been known to change purses everyday of the week at times. I buy at least one purse a month, if not two. Some women love shoes, I love purses. One of my beliefs for life is from the song Labels or Love, "don't cry, buy a bag and then get over it." It works for me every time.
  • Tonight is the premier of Grey's Anatomy!!! Most of the time I get made fun of because we usually are not into any of the other shows the majority of the public watches. We are usually watching the history or discovery channel. Our favorite is public television (no lie) but, Grey's Anatomy is our one exception. Even the hubby gets into it (though he might not want me to tell y'all that). Tonight is two full hours and as much as I want to have this baby, I hope I don't have to miss Grey's tonight.
  • It has rained for two straight weeks here. Luckily, we are not in an area that has had problems with flooding, but our grass is ten feet high. It seriously comes up to David's knees. It is apart of our rental agreement that we get lawn service, but the company our landlord has hired sucks!!! They haven't been out in four weeks and every time we call they say it's because of the rain. Last time they cut the grass they had no problem cutting it in the rain. Why now? The company sucks and we are having a hard time convincing our landlord of this. If my grass doesn't get cut very soon, I swear I will go pregnant lady crazy on someone. It makes us look trashy and I cannot stand it. Plus, the dogs are refusing to go out into the yard now. I'm extremely mad about this if you couldn't tell.
  • My mom just called and told me that an old friend of hers daughter was due this past Sunday and she just had her baby this morning. Maybe it's a sign?
  • David's supervisor decided a couple of months back to assign all the multi-unit managers a book (business related) to read and they had to write a report on it. Tonight, they have to do a presentation on their book. Of course, he's had this book for three months now and he waited till the last minute to do it. Guess who was up at 11:30pm proof reading his paper?
  • Holy Cow!!! Guess who's here finally? Maybe I can finally see the shed in the backyard again.


The Popes said...

I finally got Andrew hooked on Grey's too!
We should have a veiwing party!

And Little Olivia Kate, I know we've been asking you to come everyday, but we would all appeciate if you did not make your arrival between 9 and 11 tonight!

Kameron said...

People always make fun of me for the shows I watch. i love discovery channel and NOVA on PBS. My old roommate used to tease me because I had Life of Mamals volumes 1-4 in my DVD collection! Hope you enjoyed your show and I hope OK comes today!!!!