Sunday, September 6, 2009

She's being cut off

Meet Olivia's BFF Miss. Matalie. Isn't she the cutest!

In our little group, they are the only two girls close in age and Miss. Matalie is a sweetie who shares her clothes with her soon-to-be here BFF Olivia.

Last week, Amy called and said she had another load of clothes to pass on to Olivia. I headed over to her house for lunch and to pick up Olivia's new loot. It's good to have friends that have such good taste. Matalie is always dressed so cute.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Amy!!!

Olivia is being cut off from clothes. She seriously will need no more clothes till next fall. I didn't realize just how much she had. I've been buying stuff for next summer because of course it's all on sale and I never being one to turn down anything, have taken all the donations given to my baby girl.

Also, I didn't share that I had went to the sweet repeats consignment sale a couple of weeks ago and racked up on a bunch of fall stuff. Remember how I was searching for baby jeans? Well, she now has nine pairs for this fall alone. And remember how I was a sucker and paid $9 for a pair at JcPenny's? I got the same exact pair at the consignment sale for $1. I'm a sucker, I know.

The other night when I was going through and sorting Amy's last batch, David gave me that look. With his serious look, he told me she couldn't have anything else for the fall, it needed to stop.

I'll try honey, promise.

Oh, I'm currently taking applications for a fashionable BFF that is the same size as me and wants to pass down their clothes to me every season. Let me know if your interested.


Jen said...

Addie's wardrobe looked JUST like this!!! And you will cry when you see how fast she goes through everything. I still had plenty of clothes with tags on it. Oh well...girls are just too darn fun to shop for :-)

Amber said...

That's the truth. The girls clothes are too cute. Amy said the same about wanting to cry when Matalie couldn't wear them anymore.

Anonymous said...

I think I did cry actually :) You are more than welcome! And tell David you just need a bigger closet. A little girl can NEVER have too many clothes.

Kameron said...

I am in the same boat. I have bags and boxes of clothes for a baby that isn't even here yet!! My hubbs will kill me if I buy anything else.