Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In need of prayers...

Well, we got some shocking news yesterday.

I had my weekly doctors appointment yesterday afternoon. At the previous appointment they had decided to do a ultrasound and hook me up to monitor Olivia's heartbeat this go round. David, my mom, and I got there and started with the usually routine of things, they then sent the three of us to the ultrasound room. You couldn't see too much since she is so big now and the ultrasound tech just talked us through what she was looking for. At the end, all she said was everything looked good and the doctor would explain everything to me. We should have known something was off when she really wouldn't answer any of our questions. Then they moved us to a regular room and immediately hooked me up to the monitor. We did know something was wrong when the doctor came in not even five minutes after with a look of shock on her face.

She then starts with how my fluid looks good and so far Olivia's heartbeat was good. Now here comes the....but....we have a little problem (how ironic) our estimates, she's measuring in a little over 10lbs. Needless to say our faces dropped to the floor. She went on to explain that they can be off by 20% (both ways), but there are a lot of risk for someone my size to deliver a 10lb. baby. We talked awhile and it was recommend and decided that I should have a c-section. So now we are set for a c-section on this Thursday morning at 11:30am.

Like I said, it was all honestly a shock. Besides a not so flattering picture taken at the Pope's cookout a couple of weeks ago, I honestly don't look as though I'm carrying a 10lb baby. Plus, the reason they had no indication was that I am still measuring right at what I'm supposed to. I guess she is very crowded in there. Which is probably why now every time she moves, it just hurts. Of course, that lead to a very emotional day yesterday. I really was okay for a good part of the day, but I finally lost it last night. I've spent these last nine months mentally preparing myself for labor and not for a c-section. It honestly never crossed my mind. Since I was born, I've never been in the hospital, let alone had a major surgery and I know thousands of women have them every day, but I am still scared. Plus, it's just frustrating to go this long and to have end up with a c-section. This could have all been over last week or the week before.

I'm trying not to be upset with my doctor. In her defense, I was measuring right at normal and I don't have gestational diabetes or any of the things that would contribute to a big baby. I have gone over the 25-35lb. weight gain limit, but majority of women do and I didn't gain enough to make them worried. In fact, I haven't gained any weight the past three weeks. The only contributing factor is that David was almost a 10lb baby. Let's just say he is feeling pretty bad right now.

So, please keep us in your prayers. I know everything will be fine and it's in God's hands. It is just still nerve racking. Your prayers will be appreciated.


The Popes said...

I can tell you that I will be praying for you non stop and will for sure be on my knees at 11:30 tomorrow as Olivia draws in her first breath.

You're going to do great.

Jen said...

Hi honey. I know this won't take away your fear, but I had to have a c-section with Addie after a LONG night of labor and I promise you that a c-section won't be as scary as you think once you are in the moment. Especially when they pull Oliva out and you hear her beautiful cry for the first time. I know it isn't what you planned and I know it is frustration to think you could have had her hear a few weeks ago. But I guess all you can do at this point is be thankful she is healthy and so are you :-) Good luck and I will be praying and thinking of you honey!

The Browns said...

You will be in my prayers. Everything will be okay & it will all be worth it when you have that baby in your arms.

<3 Bon

Kameron said...

I know it wasn't what you expected, but I think it is better to go into it knowing you will be having a c-section instead of having an emergency one after laboring for a while. To me that seems more scary. I will be praying for you guys and look forward to seeing the pics of Olivia!!

Elizabeth said...

Amber...I know these words are coming from someone who has never experienced the wonders of pregnancy, the emotional roller coaster you go on during a pregnancy...but all I can say, is that you will do fine. Like your blogging buddies said, once she is in your arms, this will just be alittle milestone that will be once again overcome by your strength, faith, and love. I can't wait to meet this little sweet pea!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!