Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The start of a bad day, progress, and a surprise blessing.

I have taken off the baby countdown because it is now wrong. Obviously, it doesn't account for babies who want to be stubborn and come into the world late. So yes, I'm still pregnant. Now we're two days past my due date and still waiting. We do now officially have a plan, but more on that later. I will warn you, the majority of this long post is me whining, so you might not want to continue. Sorry, but I feel like I've reached a point where I can whine (for now).

I have learned, if you make it past 40 weeks, it's rough. Obviously by now it's physically torture, but once you make it past that 40 mark, it's tough emotionally. Though only 5% of babies are born on their due date, it is hard emotionally when you have this end date in your mind for nine months and that day comes and goes. And no offense, but I've decided that us women that make it over 40 weeks should get a extra prize. Maybe like a baby and a $100 bill when your baby is finally born?

Yesterday for me, was not a good day and probably one, if not the, most emotional day I've had this entire pregnancy. On my actual due date, Monday, I was fine. Sunday night at 9:30pm I decided that I had to rearrange the house and it couldn't wait. So, I started tearing the house apart. This rearranging involved lots of heavy furniture moving and obviously there was only so much I could do. David decided to call Andrew that night and asked if he minded coming over in the morning to help him move the furniture. Thankfully, he said he would be here the next morning to help make a very pregnant lady happy. Of course, I then freaked out that I would go into labor that night and the house would be destroyed. Nicole reassured me they would come over and take care of everything if that was the case. I guess fortunately, that didn't happen. So all day Monday, I keep busy and got the house put back together. Later that night, we went to meet them for dinner. We had a great dinner (anytime you sit at a restaurant for over two hours and not realize it, it's considered a great dinner) and when we got home I was so tired, I pretty much went to bed and crashed by 9pm. That's when my troubles began.

Since I went to bed so early, I woke up at 1:22am and I could not go back to sleep for anything. I finally feel asleep a little before 7am but we had to be up by 7:30am for a doctors appointment. Let's just say, I was not in a good mood. I'm sure this is the major contributor to a lot of my emotional yesterday, but I spent a good majority of the morning a emotional mess. I pretty much woke up crying and couldn't stop. I bit David's head off several times over stupid small things and if you even looked at me, I would start crying. I had already told and convinced myself that nothing was going to come of the doctor's appointment and I had already played out in my mind the scenario of her checking me and telling me I was still closed. I was basically preparing myself for what at this time, seems like the worst. We got to the doctor's office and of course we had to wait forever which of course puts me in even a worse mood. On top of that I didn't eat breakfast and was hungry.

The doctor finally made it in and we went through the routine of the checkup. When she went to check me she gave me the best news I had heard in weeks, I was 1 & 1/2 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced. I didn't believe her at first and asked her several times "seriously?" She wanted to still come up with a plan, just in case I don't come by next week. So, I am now on the books for induction on October 1st. She is going to make me wait at least through the weekend and that Thursday is the first day she's on call that week and if I get to have a choice, I want her to deliver. So, that's why I could possibly have another week.

Hearing that news but me in a little better mood. I know it is not very much on the centimeters scale, but being 80% effaced was pretty exciting. On the way home, David tried to make me feel better by taking me to my favorite, Chick-fil-a, for lunch and we then decided that we should head home so I could get a much needed nap. Luckily, I came home and slept for two hours. After a long nap, I was feeling much better. The rest of the day, went much better. We went over towards where David's parents live and had a nice dinner with them. Afterwards, he and his dad headed to the driving range, while us ladies went to shop. Around nine we headed home so David could write a book report for work that of course, he waited till the last minute to do.

On our way home we received a phone call that was a complete surprise. Like probably most people our age, when we were younger, we made some pretty stupid decisions financially that had gotten us into some trouble. We were fortunate that we had someone to bail us out of those situations. We did though learn our lessons from those mistakes. The past two years, we have been working hard to correct those mistakes and we have been repaying on our bailouts for the last couple of years. We received a phone call telling us to no longer worry about it and consider our debts paid. Several years ago, someone gave them a hand and then a break and they wanted to do the same for us. We were stunned. This will help us tremendously financially, for it was a huge chunk every month. Needless to say, it brought on more tears from me, but for once yesterday they were the good kind. After a good ten minutes of disbelief, we made the promise with each other that we will definitely pay-it-forward in the future. Someone helped them out, they passed it on to us, and now we will make sure to pass it on to someone else. We went to bed still in shock over it all. It was a huge blessing. The only other thing that could top it would be finally giving birth to our baby girl this week.

So, that's were we stand for now. I'm still hoping I go into labor soon. For some reason, several people keep saying this Thursday, so maybe that's a sign. I know being induced is not the end of the world, but I have heard it makes labor much harder. If I have to be I will, but I would rather go into labor naturally. Please keep us in your prayers that it will happen naturally. Thanks!


The Popes said...

You know I'm praying for you!

And that is amazing about the blessing! We just got awesome news about our mortgage too!

Good things are coming!!

Kameron said...

I think all pregnant women look at their due date as the cut off. You look forward to it for 40 long weeks and it must be rough to have it come and go with no baby. My best friend and I had the same due date when we were pregnant with our boys. I felt bad that I went a day early and she went 6 days late. I will keep my fingers crossed that you progress quickly from here.

It is funny, we had someone do the same thing for us. I got into bad credit card debt and was loaned the money to pay it all off by a family member. U managed to pay off all my debt in 14 months as opposed to the years it would have taken had the high interest rates still been in affect. I was also forgiven the last couple of payments as a wedding gift. I hope I am in the postiion someday to do that for someone else as it was such a blessing for us!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Boo! I'm so sorry. As a word of encouragement, I was only 50% effaced and 1.5" to 2" at the appointment the day before I went into labor. Our bodies are crazy!

Jen said...

My baby girl waited to come until the day before her due date. Even though I did not go over, it felt like a loooooong 40 weeks. I just wanted to meet her. And everyone kept telling me "get sleep, take advantage of this time to your self, etc." but I couldn't!!!! I just wanted the baby here. So I understand your frustrations and emotions sweetie. I think all 40 week + pregnant ladies do :-) Just know that all this emotion and stress will turn to pure joy and love in just a few short days or less!! Hang in there babe!

EL said...

Hi there! I just found your blog by luck earlier this month and have been reading about you (and o.k. =) ever since, anyway, just wanted to let you know im sending prayers your way for labor and everything, take care!
p.s. your "gift card dilemma" had me wondering what you were going to do for hours ha!

Becky said...

Oh my goodness! Well, all I can say is you just hang in there I know this has to be rough...I am secretly hoping my baby comes early, we can all wish right? Right now I am cramping a lot because it feels like my stomach is expanding and I feel like an 80 year old woman...but I can't imagine AFTER 40 wks...bless your heart! She's just going to make a fashionably late entrance into the world :)