Friday, September 18, 2009

I need some honesty...

I need some honesty...

Last night I was looking at my bookmarked list of blogs that I look at every so often. Several of them are of other women who are expecting. I was reading one in particular of another woman who is also expecting her first child in a few weeks. I'm not going to name the blog and it's not on my list to the right, so you won't be able to figure who I'm talking about. Anyways...

She was posting about her birth plan and what all she wants when the baby comes. She had a long list and I personally found her birth plan to be a little demanding. To my surprise, most comments left were those supporting her and from other (first time) expecting moms who agreed with her birth plan. It seemed that those who were telling her to keep an open mind were those who have already given birth.

So my question is, am I being naive not going in with great demands when it comes to my labor and delivery?

The way I have felt the entire time is that labor/giving birth is something totally new to me. I don't know what to expect and I don't know how I am going to react/respond, so I am not going in with a demanding attitude that this is what I want. I figured that the second go round I will have a better idea of what I want and then can make demands. I planned on this first go round to just wait and see what happens.

When asked if I want an epidural, I always tell people I don't know. I've been fortunate to never experience great physical pain in my life, so I honestly have no clue what my pain tolerance is. I figure if I feel like I can deal with the pain than I will go for it, if not, then I'll ask for the epidural. No, I don't want to be induced, but if in two weeks, I'm still pregnant, then induce me (she cannot stay in here forever). I just feel like I don't know what is going to happen, so why go in with a long list of what I want?

Those close to me all seem to support me, but who knows if their doing it to be nice. They might be saying I'm crazy behind my back. Am I being naive or am I going in with the right attitude?

I know it's kinda last minute to be thinking about this, but maybe since it's now so close, that's why it's on my mind. Thanks for the help.


Kameron said...

I had a birth plan the first time around (if you want I can send it to you to look at since I only changed a few things for this time around) and will use it again. I think people have a misconception of a "birth plan". To me it stated the things I would like to happen (or not happen) if the ideal situation played out when I was in labor. The thing is, you have to go in knowing that the situation is NOT in your control and you have to be mentally ready to give up some of what your ideal may be if things don't go to plan.

I think stating demands is not what a birth plan is supposed to be. I gave it to my midwife in advance and we talked about it. She felt fine with what I wrote and the couple of points she felt we might want to reword or omit, we did. I then brought a copy to the hospital and gave it to the charge nurse and talked to her for a few minutes before my labor got too intense. I really believe it is all in the attitude you approach it with. Sorry this is so long, I could go on for days!

The Popes said...

Of course I have no experience! But I would think you're going to have enough on your mind without stressing over if they are following your every demand!

It seems like a list of demands would just be busy work to keep your mind off waiting for her to arrive.

PS = Her dress is done and adorable! I had to guess the size since I couldn't measure her so if she is a super long baby (which is possible with how tall David is!) she'll have to wear leggings, but I can whip some up with matching ruffles so she'll be cute as a pumpkin!

Lindsey said...

When I had my first baby I didn't have a plan either. I knew that I would probably want an epideral because I dont handle pain well and I voiced that to my midwife. But other then that I did not have a birthing plan. I agree with your first time you really dont know what you can handle and what to expect to its good to go into it with an open mind but just make sure to tell your dr or midwife that. Good luck and just remember everything will work out perfect. You and your daughter will soon be together.

p.s. I can across your blog from a list of followers on another blog that I read. I love yours and I hope you dont mind that I read it!

The Browns said...

Well, as you know this will be my first time giving birth too. I'm going into it with a similar attitude as you are. I have no clue what to expect & I'm just grateful to have a doctor, nurses & family to be there to support me. As for an epidural...I can tell you that YES, I WILL be getting one! I think if you can avoid the pain, then why put yourself through it?
I'll be praying for you girlie & I hope everything will turn out great! Can't wait to see pics of little Olivia!
<3 Bon