Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Gift Card Dilemma

I had a first this weekend and I was just wondering what y'alls opinion would be.

I have been spending my down time trying to organize some things I've been putting off for awhile. Saturday night David had to work, so I ran to the store to get some supplies to finish up my organizing. We had received a gift card to one of the major box stores for a shower gift. I hadn't used it yet and we honestly have most everything for Olivia that we need, so I decided to just use the card. I mean technically I am nesting and that is due to Olivia, right?
At the store, I get the couple of items I need and go to check out. When I go to pay, I use the gift card and it's denied. The cashier tries it several times and then told me that the either the gift card wasn't activated or they didn't put any money on it. I was honestly a little shocked and told her it was a gift and I hadn't used the card before. She suggested I go to customer service and maybe they could help me, but of course the line was way too long for my 10 month pregnant self. I just paid for my purchase and headed home.

When I got in the car I called David to tell him what happened. We got into the conversation of what should you do in that situation? Should you not say anything to the person who gave you the gift card or should you let them know? In one way, I would feel bad to call out that person if they really didn't put any money on it. Not that I think people would really do that, but times are tough right now. Then there's the part of me that feels like I should tell them that they spent the money and didn't get what they paid for. So should you say something to them?

David and I got into a long discussion about this, but we didn't come to a conclusion. We also asked the Pope's what they thought and we all didn't really reach a conclusion either. I think I would want to be told because I would want to get my money's worth, but some people might not. I'll be honest in saying that I will most likely not say anything. If it was someone I was closer too, I would probably say something, but I don't want to hurt this person's feelings. Who knows? I was just wondering what y'alls thoughts on it were? Do you say something or keep your mouth shut?


Kameron said...

I would say something. In all likelyhood, they did put money on the card. I would never give someone a card with nothing on it. They might even still have the reciept and be able to prove to the store that it is valid. I wouldn't want to spend money and have it go to waste. On the off chance that they gave you an empty card, it might feel awkward, but I doubt it!

kristen said...

You should definitely say something. It can be done politely, and I am sure the person would appreciate knowing. Plus, they probably have the receipt!

Laura said...

I personally would say something. You could bring it up politely. It was probably an error on behalf of the store. I don't think it would be rude to ask them about it.

The Browns said...

I would say something...b/c what if they actually did put something on it & it wasn't activated correctly? That's just me though. I don't think its rude either!
Bon :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in the minority, but I wouldn't say anything. I'd be worried about stepping on toes or looking selfish...even though you're clearly not trying to be either. Too bad there isn't another way to track it down, though. I've wondered about this myself.