Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random on the Weekend...

  • I'm still here and still very pregnant. All my post this week I had pre-scheduled because I knew I was going to have a busy week. I was honestly too wore out to post anything when those ran out. Plus, other than to complain about how pregnant I am, I feel I don't have much to say right now.
  • I went for my weekly checkup last Wednesday and so far we're a no-go. Baby girl seems happy where she's at. I'm still completely closed up and convinced this baby is never going to come out. I'm not sure if I was more disappointed about still being completely closed or learning that they will allow me to go another week and half after my due date. I could have another two and half weeks of this. Ugh...
  • A couple of weeks ago, David mentioned that he was starting to get nervous about me going into labor. He asked that when we got closer, if I was by myself, I stay closer to home during the day so he could get to me in time. I promised I would starting at 38 weeks. Luckily, my mom came down to spend a few days this week with me and was my get-out-of-jail card, so I took great advantage of her visit. She was my pregnant-lady sitter and I drug her all over for the two and half days she was here. Needless to say, by the time she left on Thursday afternoon, I was worn out. It's taken me almost two days to recover.
  • While she was down, we (okay, she) made some valances for OK's room. I assisted by watching her, but that wore me out and I had to go lay down to take a nap. She whipped them up in just a few hours and they turned out perfect. I knew what I had in mind, but could never find a pattern of exactly what I wanted. I found the closest thing I could and she made a few adjustments to it and they were exactly what I wanted. It's not the best picture, they are green with little white polka-dots. Thank you Mom!!!
  • Also this week, my grandparents came down to have dinner and my grandma brought me a present that I'm in love with. She kept my highchair that she had bought for me to use at her house when I was a baby. She cleaned it up and brought it down to me for OK. It's wood, over 27 years old, and still in great condition. She suggested I could paint it to match my breakfast table, but I'm thinking of painting it red. I want something colorful. We still have awhile before OK will need it, so that will definitely be a project for after she arrives.
  • Our weekend is going to be pretty low-key. We are headed to the Pope's for a cook out tonight. I'm excited since it seems like it's been forever since we've all hung out. David finally gets a day off this Sunday. Due to the race last weekend, he worked ten days straight, took a half day off to go to the doctor with me, and then worked another three days. Needless to say, the boy is tired. He finally gets a day off this Sunday and Monday. It's crazy to think this could be our last "weekend" with just the two of us. Let's pray it is!
  • And I almost forgot...last week Nicole volunteered to give updates in case this baby ever decides to come. I'm pretty sure that most of you who read my blog, also read hers. So if I've gone missing again, check with her to see if there is any baby news. If you read my blog and don't read hers, then go check it out anyways because Miss. Josie is too cute to miss!


Jen said...

Olivia's room is GORGEOUS!! Love the colors. And your mama did a great job with the valance. Gotta love crafty moms :-) Hope that peanut shows up soon...I know how long these last weeks are. Been there, done that, and will be doing it again :-)

Kameron said...

I love how her room came out! I'll be excited when I get Natey's done and can start on baby girl's room! I will pray you don't go over your due date. Don't stress too much because you aren't dialated yet. I was 0 at my 39 week and then at my appointment 2 days before my due date I was at 5, so it can happen just like that!