Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This afternoon Meme (my grandmother) came over so we could make our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of homemade spaghetti and meatballs. When she walked in I'm sure she was taken aback to find Olivia screaming in her crib and me on the verge of tears. Like any grandmother, she immediately took me into her arms, gave me a big hug, told me it was going to be alright, and then she asked me what was wrong?

Of course I had already broken down at that point. I was going on about how Olivia still wasn't on a schedule and was a pain in the butt to put down for a nap. I went on and on about how after eight days, she wasn't following anything the book said and how the book said it only takes three to five days to get a baby on a sleeping schedule and she was on day eight and still refusing to sleep and I'm completely frustrated (sorry to the English teachers, that sentence is completely jacked up).

Meme started laughing and then told me to throw away my book. She reminded me that every child is different (I've heard it a thousand times already) and mine is a child that doesn't like to sleep. Meme raised three very different babies back in the day when they didn't have all these instructional books for babies, they just had to wing it. My aunt she said was a good baby, my dad was just like Olivia, and my uncle...well, she said he couldn't even be explained. Some babies are difficult and others just aren't. Some babies easily adapt to a schedule and others like to do things their way. She reminded me again that this too will pass. I need to quit worrying about my house not being clean or my laundry not getting done. She told me to enjoy the time I have with her and quit worrying about her being on a schedule because the time will fly quickly. Before I know it she'll be spending majority of her days in school and not with me.

So, I've decided to accept now that my child is not a sleeper and not a fan of schedules. She has better days and is happier when she's on the go and setting her own schedule. She lets me know when she's tired and easily goes down when she wants to and needs to. She is who she is and I don't want to change that for the world. The funny thing is that she's really just like her momma. No, she's not sleeping through the night yet, but to be honest, I cherish that time of night when it's only her and I awake and she lets me hold her like a baby and cuddle her. I don't think I'm ready to give up those 3am feedings yet. It's the only time my baby lets me treat her like a baby.

So, screw the schedule...she'll sleep when she's ready.


Tristan said...

She's cute...she can cry all she wants..LOL!

Anonymous said...

i completely agree! except..i wish mine would just give me one middle of the night feeding! I like that intimate time too, but I think I could deal with only once a night! lol

Jen said...

Honey...I felt the same way with Addie in the beginning. I was trying to follow all the "sleep rules" and was totally stressing myself out in the process. But once I just let go and let her call some of the shots...she started sleeping a little better. It just takes time. But your grandma is right...you only have a short time with her this age so enjoy it when you can :-)

Jennifer said...

Your Meme is wise. (o: I love that she told you to throw out the book. And I'm a new mom so I have nothing to add. But it sure is fun trying to figure all of this baby stuff out.

mrs.leah.maria said...

I love the new digs around here! Sorry I've been so absent, but I love your grandma! Gotta love them for their wisdom alone.

Love the picture sequence as well!

Kameron said...

Good idea. I bought into this whole sleep book when Nate was a baby since he wouldn't sleep and the damn thing didn't work. I got my money back. He got on a schedule in time, and believe me it took quite a bit of time!

The Popes said...

FYI that made me cry.

Just like everything else your little diva does.

I love that baby boo.

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